Two Years Old, Loris

Well it has officially happened, Loris is two. And no matter how sad it makes my heart, all I can think of, “Wallis will be six next!” And then sob myself to sleep.

We had a lovely birthday for her, I was so happy to have my mom AND brother there that I didn’t take many pictures or even video clips. My dad came over later but we still have to see him outside because he travels a lot for his job and it freaks me out. Until the girls are vaccinated, I am very strict on everyone and no one is very nice to me about it, ha!

We see my mom the most, but that’s still only once every two weeks, but I think we’ve only seen my brother maybe 5 times in the last 2 years and my dad it’s typically once every other month or longer and usually outside…so to have family actually able to be there for Loris’ birthday meant a lot to all of us, especially Wallis. She loved every minute of it, and was really sad when they had to go. Loris is still young enough to not be that effected either way, ha!

We did a lion theme for Loris’ birthday but not for the obvious reason that Loris must love lions, but for the reason that Loris has spent the last 2 years of her life in a pandemic. She hasn’t seen much or ever even met another child her size. As you can imagine that might create nerves when seeing people, even people she sees more regularly and the way Loris has chosen to manage said nerves is by ROARING loudly at them. She’s done it for so long now, we decided it’s her thing and that’s why there are lions, ha! It was one of the first animal noises she expressed, and boy has it stuck, ha!

We are hopeful to get Loris tested for her dairy allergy again soon, but were not able to check before her birthday, so I made a vegan ice cream cake. Everyone really liked it, especially Loris, she ate that cake like it was the best thing she had ever tasted….given that it was her first experience with sugar, I imagine it probably was. Ha! It really was a lovely day.

Loris continues to expand her vocabulary but what you hear the most come from her is, “mama, yeah, no, me, awn mower (lawn mower), yay, more, book, and all done” ha! There isn’t anything that we do where Loris isn’t double checking that she is getting one or getting to participate. I can even be talking about something I read, and say, “oh they’re nearly done with the sidewalks” and she’ll reply, “me?” And I’ll respond, “yes Loris you’ll get to see the new sidewalks” and she’ll say, “yay!” Ha!

She is also very expressive with her hands, so if she gets hurt, she will literally walk you through how it all happened pointing to each wrong decision she made until the grand finale of boo boo.

But she is obsessed and terrified of all loud sounds from trucks, motorcycles, lawn mowers, and string trimmers. If she hears a lawn mower it doesn’t matter what she is doing, she will stop, run to the window looking for it exclaiming loudly, “awn mower, all done, awn mower all done.” In hopes that it will be done soon. She is always listening too and it can get exhausting, especially if you’re putting her to nap and she hears one, no matter how out she might seem, will immediately wake up saying, “awn mower, awn mower all done, awn mower.” I don’t think Wallis quite understands that Loris’ obsession is due to fear, because she really wanted to get Loris a “toy lawn mower” for her birthday and so she did, and Loris does love it, but it hasn’t done anything to calm her obsession with all things loud outside.

Since Loris doesn’t realize that she is small and thinks she’s the same size as Wallis she quickly catches on to whatever Wallis is doing, including scootering. We had a cheaper scooter that my dad had gotten Wallis when she was first trying it out, and Loris quickly started using that one at around 15 months, but was frustrated by how slow it was and kept trying to use Wallis’ which was too big, so we pushed her grumpy uncle to buy Loris a scooter (he had gotten Wallis’ too) for her birthday and he did. Loris was thrilled, and now she is going much too fast for my liking. Wallis didn’t start until she was nearly 4 and even then I was a ball of nerves so you can imagine how I am feeling about Loris. It’s really hard with the second kid, they’re just so much more confident in their abilities, at least Loris is. I am constantly trying to manage my anxiety of letting her body do what it knows it can and not interfering to wanting to interfere all the time, ha! We have of course set boundaries but it is still a daily adjustment from Wallis who has alway been naturally athletic but also cautious, to Loris who is also naturally athletic but lacks caution, so she falls more than Wallis ever has.

Loris’ favorite book right now is, “A Little Stuck” by Oliver Jeffers, it really cracks her up. Loris loves to sing, especially her ABCs, she finishes with a loud, “next time won’t you sing with MEEEEE!” And when I sing our song together before nap, she loves to sing it with me and will be sure to say, “bye-lo baby mama, by-lo baby mama” worried I might forget.

She enjoys doing anything with our dogs and can be found curled up with one of them whenever she can. She absolutely loves to be outside and will ask all day, “out ide, out ide” and getting her back inside is a big struggle. She loves to color, and asks to wear blue a lot. She tries very hard to make you laugh, and really is the silliest wee thing, that she accomplishes this often. One of the best sounds I have ever heard is Loris making Wallis laugh, and I mean really laugh. I love it so much, and boy does it light up their faces to share those moments together.

We don’t eat much dairy but whenever Wallis has something dairy that Loris can’t have, Loris does get (and rightfully so) upset, so I am doing my best to make everything I can dairy free, or buying dairy free, so that she can enjoy it too. Mainly our issues have been tzatziki and cottage cheese. And for the life of me I can’t get Loris to like eggs, I don’t know what to do but that kid does not like eggs, so she really is vegan.

I wish I could say Loris has become a better sleeper, but mercy the last 4 weeks were painful. She hit some kind of teething sleep regression so any progress we had made (which was minor) was blown to bits, and she was waking for HOURS, and then up super early. She wasn’t cracking either and having like a makeup day of sleep, so it felt never-ending. She has finally started to improve again, but still insists at waking up at 4 am. I am sure there is probably some sleep expert that would tell me everything I should be doing differently, but I’m too exhausted to even listen. My brother told me to sleep train and I said, “it isn’t something I can stomach” and then he quipped, “well I turned out fine” and we all laughed, because he hasn’t 😉

The last two years with Loris has been so many wonderful things that it is hard for me to even describe. Despite the pandemic being truly horrific, I do believe the only reason we have all come this far as loved up and happy as we are, is because we all had Loris to love and to be loved by. She is such a light in our lives, her hugs, her deep deep hugs that make you feel like you really matter make our hearts whole, the way she watches us, needs us, laughs when we laugh and even cries when we cry. She is so small, but so mighty in heart and love that we have truly flourished…and even though some days Wallis might wish to just be the three us again, she’s always quick to say, “I am so happy weenie is my sister.” Happy Birthday my love, though we can’t believe you are two, we are so grateful to have experienced it with you!

Loris loves to sneak into our homeschool (office) room and sit in Wallis chair, ha!
Looking for those lawn mowers…always.
She blew the candle out all by herself, I was impressed, ha!
She got a new bucket and watering can just her size for her birthday, and then proceeded to soak herself, something that brings her much joy, ha!
This is a bit of a mom brag but I asked Wallis to draw lions on all the wrapped gifts and she beautifully did. She did this before ever seeing the Lion plates for the party…and then I realized the similarities between a professional piece and hers…and it just made me proud. She really has a unique way of drawing and visualizing. It all comes from her too.
Tried to take sibling pics but ended up with what appears to be the new cast for a Masterpiece Mystery on PBS 😉

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