22 Months, Loris

Two months until Loris turns two…what a bittersweet time it is. She is so beautiful and it is so wonderful watching her grow, but knowing this is our last wee one, it hurts, IT HURTS!

Sometimes when I am rocking Loris to sleep for nap she’ll do that thing where she’s just about to fall into deep sleep but suddenly jerks her body, arms stretched thinking she’s falling. Luckily she doesn’t wake up when it happens, but I always think, I am so glad I am still holding you, so your body knows you are safe, and that I won’t let you fall. It makes me smile every time because that is what being a parent is, holding the most incredible thing that has ever happened to you and thinking, “I will never let you fall.”

This seems like an odd segway into how accident prone Loris is, but mercy that child is trying to age me rapidly. I had no idea how steady and naturally in control Wallis was of her body, until I met Loris. Loris’ fearlessness is exhausting and the boos boos are countless. Just the other day she literally swung a wooden stethoscope (for kids) and did it in such a way that she smacked the back of her head and gave herself a bloody lump. She’s beautifully carefree but it’s like watching a bumblebee head for a flower just smacking into everything on the way, ha!

These are obviously just toddler problems but with Wallis, though she’s had some major moments (hello 2 stitches in her chin) they were far enough in between that Loris’ daily rumble with whatever is in her way is hard on her anxious mama’s heart, ha! If I show too much concern about something Loris is doing, like when she’s trying to fly down a hill with her tiny scooter or tiny bicycle, she will scrunch her face up at me and say, “go mama, go!” She does not like the safety police mama hanging around and honestly, neither did Wallis. Don’t forget that Wallis started to call me as a joke between her and her dad, “careful mama” at the age of two. I get no respect around here. 😉

Loris is just happy to be here, she really is the most joyful love who wants to make us all laugh and feel loved. Loris was giving me a big hug and Wallis said, “I’m next in line!” And ran to get behind me and that’s how we all feel about her, waiting in line to be loved by Loris. She opens her arms up to say she wants to give you a hug, she’ll hold herself to say she wants you to give her a hug, she opens her arms when Wallis goes down slides to catch her at the end (though we stand her back since she is totally unaware the Wallis can bowl her right over, ha!) and she latches on one of the dogs like a baby monkey whenever she can. She loves to show affection from blowing kisses rapidly when saying goodnight to all of us (even at nap) to rubbing your back when you’re holding her. There’s not a time that Loris is not in some way making us feel loved…and it is magic.

She loves to do anything and everything Wallis is doing. Wallis started doing this game I guess you’d call it that, where she calls herself, “baby Wallis” and starts waving her arms around, asks to be held/sung a lullaby to, and then says over and over again in the creepiest of voices, “I want a bottle, I want a bottle.” Wallis is doing it to be funny, and now Loris does it too and it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and I love it. But it doesn’t end there, Loris just loves watching Wallis and repeating whatever she does, especially if it is over the top and loud…and Wallis is thrilled to have an audience. Wallis will often say, “she wants to be just like me.” Ha!

Loris has used the potty several times now of her own accord. We did the same thing with Wallis. We put a potty in the bathroom and said nothing. And now and just like Wallis, she will stand up in the middle of the bath or after, and say, “pee pee potty” and we will place her on it, and she goes most of the time. I will never regret not “potty training” our kids – for us, it has been a joy watching them make that decision when they are ready. And now there’s this bonus of Wallis witnessing it too and she’s so proud of Loris, she’ll say, “Loris you are so close to no diapers, way to go gil (girl)!” Ha!

Wallis is also helping Loris with her words. Though I have to question the words she chooses, she has Loris saying, “eyelash or eyeball” or “polio vaccine or hip replacement” so needless to say, Loris will be well equipped at assisting doctor Wallis at the hospital, but not so much with the ABCs 😉

Loris loves to color, go down slides over and over again, demand spoonfuls of hummus, play outside (it’s so hard to get her back inside), and show you the outfit she choose for herself. Wallis still has me choose her clothes (except she picks the underwear) but Loris will literally shoo my choices away and pick her own. Ha! She does love to match Wallis luckily, both the girls do because I’m not stopping the matchy match until there’s an intervention.

As for sleep it’s still touch and go…she takes great naps but still wakes during the night several times a week. She’s so loud too, I mean, she literally sits up and yells, “MAMA or DADA!” and I realize I’ve said this before but it still astounds me how loud my kid is. Where Wallis wakes up immediately and gets the day going, Loris does take longer to get up after she’s woken. She needs a good 15 minutes of cuddles before she’ll even sit down to eat breakfast, or lunch (after nap) and she requires a few bites of food while being cuddled to entice her before she says, “okay” and sits in her high chair. It makes us laugh, such a goose.

She is very concerned when Wallis cries and will often start crying too. And she’s obsessed with giving bum cheeks (soft) pinches. We show a lot of cheeks around here, so she’s in good company.

I am grateful there are two months left before 2, I am going to soak these last baby days up as long as I can. Happy 22 months my precious lullaby, thank you for the sun you bring, and the love you share.

You’ll never see Loris pass up an opportunity to get wet!
Anywhere Olive is, Loris is close behind and vice versa.
Sweetest face 💔💔💔
Loris straining to find a pumpkin. We planted 4 pumpkin seeds and now our yard is being taken over, ha!
She use to hate riding in the car, and now she brings her sunnies and a good book.
Andrew won’t like this angle 😬 but here’s Loris’ preferred method of transportation, ha!

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    August 14, 2021 at 6:24 pm

    Oh, sweet Loris! It pains me to not be able to know you better. I want to be next in line for a hug! 🥰
    Thank you for sharing these moments so we can get a glimpse into the life of your lovely girl. ❤️

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      August 18, 2021 at 3:41 am

      Thank you sweets and yes, it’s time to bring that monkey around more. Ha!

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