The last 4 weeks have been so lovely with Loris. I would say that the first 18 months haven’t gone especially smooth, some parts were really really hard, especially with her dairy allergy, spit-up, and lack of sleep (though each month it got better) but by 19 months it has truly started to fall into place as it should be (except for the dairy allergy, that’s still going strong). There were glimpses along the way, but now it feels and I think for all of us, even Wallis, that we are finally getting to really know Loris and that has been so fun!

Loris is fully book obsessed now. She wants to be read to all day, carries books with her everywhere including at her highchair. It is interesting how she likes her books read. There are only a handful of books that she will let you read the entirety of, but the rest there are specific parts in each book that she wants you to turn to and read to her. For example, she’ll let you read all of “brown bear brown bear” over over again (she loves the yellow duck and the way she says duckie makes me want to buy her all the yellow ducks) – but in the book “old bear” she only wants to read the parts where bear is sleeping or in the big pink crocus. Then she just motions for you to skip the rest, ha!

With all this book loving she has also started saying a lot more including “brown bear and old bear” which are so cute to hear her say. She calls Wallis “wa wa” and announces that she has a “big pee” to be changed, lots of “see mama” or “go up or go down.” I always enjoy the early stages of them talking because they know so many more words then you even realize, and will say them to you like they’ve always said them – it’s surprising and wonderful to witness.

Loris’ motto in life is “I think I can so I will!” Where Wallis’ was more we need to explain every detail that is about to happen, Loris handles change like its not change, and I am sure that has a great deal to do with watching Wallis do so many things.

Loris went to the playground for the first time and played on it like she’d been going for years. She didn’t hesitate with anything. She has that same attitude with most things – even with riding a scooter, she is determined to ride Wallis’ scooter and bike. We have a smaller scooter that my dad got Wallis last year, and Loris rides it (with us right by her) like it’s no big deal and same with Wallis’ bike, luckily she’s still too small for it, but if she could, she’d be flying down a hill. Wallis puts the breaks on and Loris has no idea there are breaks, ha! Hopefully they will balance each other out.

However, I say “most things” because when it comes to people, Loris is still major stranger danger, even with people she has seen often, like my mom. Wallis was like this too, I tell my family that I am not even sure I can blame it on Loris being a Covid baby, because Wallis was exactly the same. Andrew and I joke that we are too codependent but I think we’ve made our kids that way too…at least in the beginning, ha!

I think humour is very important and I tend to lead with it and both the girls are seriously funny. I am proud of this because I think having a good sense of humour, where you are not unkind but genuinely observant will carry you far. Wallis has impeccable timing and understands humour well beyond her years, while Loris is very expressive and exaggerative with her body. Both girls have me and Andrew laughing all day, even when we’re exhausted flat out in bed we’ll be laughing at something absolutely ridiculous they did or said that day.

The smile on Wallis’ face when Loris hugs her or plays with her could bring someone back to life it is so heart gripping – I mean Wallis NEEDS Loris’ affection, it makes her so happy. She will often say, “no one hugged me today” while I am in the middle of hugging her and I’ll say, “you mean Loris didn’t hug you?” And she’ll reply sheepishly, “yes.” Loris adores Wallis too and wants to do everything Wallis can do, and if Wallis is upset Loris will often cry too or run over to hug Wallis’ head. There’s of course some bickering and some hair pulling (from Loris) but more often than not, they really are such charming friends.

We did have a scare with Loris where she had a minor fall from the crawling position (landed flat on her face) and because her pacifier was in her mouth she bit her lip and pushed her front tooth back (there was a lot of blood). Turns out this is a very common mouth injury for children Loris’ age, and luckily there was no actual damage. She does have a wonky front tooth now though, but I guess there’s a 65% chance it will return to how it was…and it will be totally fine when the permanent one grows in…but that experience has me on edge.

Loris continues to be obsessed with our dogs. She would cuddle with our dogs all day if they or we let her, ha! And every chance she gets and I mean every chance, she is running at top speed and flinging herself onto the dog beds (luckily the dogs are never in them) but it looks like a tiny object flying through the air no matter how much we’ve tried to stop her from doing it, the child loves landing on those stinky dog beds. I think she thinks she’s a dog, and soon she will be sleeping there too, ha.

Pierre has lost his marbles since turning 11. It is terrible, it is so stressful living with two small children and two geriatric dogs, everyone constantly needs you and at the same time. And Pierre who use to only howl his blood-curdling howl when we’d leave him behind at the house, has now taken to doing it whenever he feels, which means often in the middle of the night. And I am telling you, this howl is horrific, if you were to walk past our house at 2 am and hear that howl, you’d be calling the police while finding religion.

I tell you this because the other night (around 2 am) I heard it and started to push Andrew to get up and go tell Pierre to stop, to only realize, IT WAS LORIS. Before my mind could even process what I was hearing, Pierre started to howl leaving Andrew blindly smacking into everything trying to decide who to calm first. Haa!

Luckily Loris hasn’t howled since, but she does still wake up often in the middle of the night and she’s so dang loud. Any time she stirs she lets out a huge loud compliant and then goes back to sleep (or more often then not, she doesn’t). I am not sure when Loris will stop waking at night but when that day finally happens, I will be celebrating and hopefully finally able to see out of my perpetually blurred eyes.

Happy 20 Months you Howler monkey! We lllloooovvvveeee YOU!

Wallis was so excited that Loris could wear her old bee shirt!
Wallis got some fancy play dress up shoes and Loris was in love, ha!
Wallis explaining to Loris the importance of dandelions for bees in the early days of spring.
Wallis calls Loris “noodles” because of her curls, ha!

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