9 Months, Loris

Loris has been outside as long as she was inside this month, and I have to admit, I am so glad I am not still pregnant! We also have a crawler! Loris decided a couple of weeks ago to finally stop launching her body across the floor and just start moving it, ha! Her crawl is not super graceful still but she’s determined, but more so to just reach a wall so that she can use it to help herself stand up and walk. Same thing Wallis did…however, if you’ve been paying attention at all since I have probably mentioned Wallis walking before 9 months a BILLION times on here, you will notice that Loris is not walking unassisted yet!

Loris walks her crib and playpen over and over again, but Wallis by this point was actually walking to us with no help, so I guess this could be considered a victory?

However, as soon as Loris turned 9 months she started standing with her arms in the air touching nothing. We keep catching her doing it, it’s hilarious like she’s saying, “look what I can do!” Hopefully, Loris will at least give us 4 more weeks? By 10 months Wallis was actually running, so you can imagine we’ll take what we can get, ha!

Loris was waving sporadically last month, but now it is every single time she sees us and she’s added the most adorable long and aggressive “hi” you’ll ever hear! She’s like our very own Fran Drescher. Every time she enters a room that we are in, passes a zoom call, FaceTime call, sees the neighbors, and the washer/dryer she waves frantically with a loud, “hhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” so that’s officially her first word, ha!

She is also clapping, and I have no memory of when Wallis really started clapping and that’s what is sweet about the second time around…the moments you didn’t even realize were moments because there was so much happening in that first year, you can see again and truly cherish as it should have been.

Plus getting to see all these firsts with Wallis is so special. She reacts to them just as thrilled as we are. It makes it even more special. I had no idea their age difference would create such a beautiful bond, and now it is one of my most loved parenting experiences. I would not change it for the world, and you can believe me when I say that it will be something I will talk about non-stop for the rest of my life, and something our girls will roll their eyes at each time I bring it up and start crying, ha!

If they ever have some terrible row, it’ll also be something I’ll bring up, like, “Wallis I know you are mad at Loris because she spilled tea all over your shirt, that she borrowed without even asking you, but remember when we saw her clap for the first time and then we all started clapping at her like maniacs because we were so excited, wasn’t that amazing???” It’ll probably sink like a rock but you know, I’ll still try!

Loris currently has 6 teeth (4 top, 2 bottom) though I think there might be more, and for sure more coming as she seems to be teething nonstop and drooling sooooo much. She is polite, so she likes to remove her pacifier from her mouth before she yells “hi” at everyone…but she’ll wave while holding said pacifier and slobber will go everywhere like one of those St. Benard’s shaking after having some water. I have mastered my “in love horror” expression quite well at this point, and we just have paper towels on every floor of the house, ha!

As we know from when Wallis was a baby, Andrew experienced some of that parental rejection that can happen with kids…Wallis would refuse to go to him, but it was usually in a typical way where she would just pull back.

Loris has taken it up a notch, she will literally hide in my armpit if she sees him coming or yesterday pulled my shirt open and stuck her head inside of it, ha! She grips me as tightly as she can, fists clinched around anything she can grab on me, my hair, shirt….when it’s time to go with him, and lets out a big frustrated cry when it doesn’t work. Poor Andrew, it’s really not fair as he’s always helping with them….and if she were to do that to me, I would feel awful, but luckily both girls reacted that way to everyone at first, even poor grandma. So Andrew doesn’t take it too personal, though I imagine when he witnessed her actually try to climb inside my clothing, it might have stung a bit. Ha!

Loris has officially been back on breast milk for 2 months now! I didn’t want to mention it in case it caused her an allergy attack, and we had to start all over. But so far so good, we haven’t gotten to the breast milk when I wasn’t on my no diary/soy diet, but we are getting closer now and that means we’ll soon know for sure if she can tolerate dairy again. Her specialist told us that she should be able to handle it by 8 months, but with Covid, I have been really hesitate in testing his theory out. My mom had a dairy allergy for her whole first year, and Andrew’s aunt had one until she was well into elementary school, so we knows where Loris’ allergy is coming from.

Also, Loris is already giving us a run for it. She is a terrible night sleeper. She has to be resettled throughout the night, plus still wakes for one feeding that lasts 2 hours, has some serious separation anxiety, is teething nonstop, and still spits-up daily. We are sooooooo exhausted, that the idea of adding more things into the mix that could potentially really rock the boat, makes me feel depressed. I want Loris to be through this allergy more than anyone, but I also never ever want to go back to those first 4 months, I am just struggling with the fear of it all in dealing with an already very bumpy year. But per usual Andrew is pushing me to see what happens, so we’ll see what happens.

Even with all her little baby quirks, she is seriously the loveliest love who loves to cuddle, laugh, dance, lay her head on your shoulder, and makes the most hilarious mischievous expression! She’s a mover like Wallis was, and it’s okay, we survived that craziness once…and look what a gift it has been. Happy 9 months lady Loris!

I doubt by looking at her you’d guess she sounds more like a howler monkey than a baby?
Look at those curls! Wallis always has pretty curly hair after a bath but once it dried it was more wavy than curly. So far Loris’ hair seems to retain its curl and especially on humid days watch out, we love it!
She’s playing with her bath bunny, it’s the only thing that keeps her semi-distracted in bath.
I have been trying to get a picture of them both wearing their “lil sis, big sis” shirts for months…to only realize cream is not their color! This was the only pic that they didn’t both look like they needed a blood transfusion. Loris is closer to my skin tone, but both girls fair much closer to Andrew’s (which is very fair) and some shades are just a no no. But it’s still a super sweet pic and I love it!!
This pic isn’t anything really but the sweetest of memories for me (and not that I’m dying to finally paint that too dark table) and I know I already mentioned this in Wallis’ 4.5 year post, but here she is waiting until Loris is done eating to eat with us. She refuses to eat until Andrew and I can join her. It makes my heart ache it’s so sweet!! Also, that lunch is called “mama tired” it was followed by a kale smoothie, so consider my boxes checked, ha!

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    July 11, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Loris sounds like such a joy!!! 🥰 How fun to be witnessing so many firsts! I think I need some more videos coming my way! 😉 I can’t believe how much she’s growing! Mine took forever to walk, but that standing just makes them seem months, if not years older! 😭
    Thank you for sharing this window into life with your beautiful girls! ❤️

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      July 13, 2020 at 11:47 am

      Oh you, thank you for actually reading it…loving someone else’s kids enough to read their mom talk endlessly about them is a pretty incredible friend ❤️

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