6 months, Loris

The world has changed so rapidly since 4 weeks ago and with all the horrific loss and uncertainty it feels strange to even keep writing these posts…but today is a big day for us still.

Loris has reached 6 months old, a day we could not foresee while in the depths of her health issues. We were so so broken, but I can gratefully and joyfully report that things have improved immeasurably…though she still spit-ups a ton. Ha! Or as Wallis greets here in the morning, “the most spit-up baby of all!”

Loris is truly such a happy love who greets us nearly every minute of the day with a big smile! She is prone to just giggling alone in her crib or even riding around in her walker. It doesn’t take much to make her laugh, and we love it, and her so much that it feels painful knowing that each month of her life is our last in baby land.

She’s so affectionate too, she loves to reach for your face, hold your chin, look in your eyes and coo at you, or gently lay her head on your shoulder. When Wallis hugs her she will lean her head in the direction of Wallis head and just rest it there with a big smile on her face. To love Loris is to love, love itself and we are all completely smitten with her.

However, there’s another side to Loris that only a few know for now…but she is the loudest baby I have ever met. Half the time she’s cooing, the other half she’s screeching like a pterodactyl. She’s not upset, she’s just part banshee.

My parents laugh because you can always hear her in the background of any call that I’m on with them…and most of the time they don’t even realize how far she actually is that they are able to still hear her, Haa! I can hear her all the way upstairs in my bedroom with the door closed while she’s watching the dogs play in the basement! She’s not a church baby that’s for sure. I have no idea how all her loud screeching and babbling becomes talking…but I’m scared.

It took nearly a month of insanity, but Loris finally has 2 teeth. She is not a happy teether and those 2 teeth felt like a lifetime. Her joyful mood tends to start sinking around 3 pm and only lifts at bath time, where she kicks so frantically I can barely get soap on her, ha!

She’s incredibly bright, just like Wallis was/is and is determined to do all things early. We had to put her in the walker because we no longer had the strength to hold her she’s always trying to stand never stops moving, so the walker has been good for all of us. Wallis was exactly the same.

One night I was feeling overwhelmed by Loris’ energy and I found an article that I had read 4 years prior on a night I was feeling overwhelmed by Wallis’ baby energy and realized the Lord blessed me with TWO high needs babies…so nuts, and so sorry Andrew, but the ladies in your life are not easy going, ha! It makes me excited though, thinking about my two intense girls tackling this world and making some shite happen…I am already so beyond proud of them and they still have a whole life to go.

Loris’ love for Wallis though is the greatest of joy for me and Andrew to witness. Both of them truly light up around each other and Wallis is already begging for Loris to sleep in her room. Wallis is so careful and thoughtful of Loris, and I know Loris witnessing that kind of love from Wallis is shaping her more than either Andrew or I could…siblings are powerful tools in each other’s lives, and when it’s loving, it’s magic to witness.

Now Loris will begin her journey with real food!! I honestly can’t wait, and neither can Wallis, she’s been bombarding me with all the things she wants Loris to try first, ha! Happy 6 months you lady of light, we are so thankful you’re here.

Loris looking at Wallis
Me showing Wallis that at least somebody likes sleeping in her bed, ha!
After bath love
What they do while I make dinner
Everything was…
going great…
Loris spit-up on Wallis’ hand 😅
After bath love, but already looking bigger!
Sorry Loris, Wallis really loves singing to you right now.
When you say, “night night Loris”
Happy First Easter Loris!!! We actually recreated this image from Wallis’ first Easter…they are both wearing the same outfit, except Wallis was only 3 months. Click here to see Wallis.

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    April 8, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    I’m so glad you posted!!! It’s wonderful to have something happy to celebrate. And so great to hear how Loris is growing! She is such a sweetie!! And so sweet how she and Wallis love each other so much! The pictures are all adorable, and love the Easter pic!! 😍😭 So special!! ❤️

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