5 Months, Loris

Loris is 5 months and as lovely as ever!

We did experience some more setbacks though – she got to see her GI Specialist again and unfortunately her weight continues to stay the same or drop a bit….and she was placed in the 25th percentile for weight, which really made us feel bad. However she was 72nd for height, which does play a roll in all of this but still, boo!

The specialized formula she has to drink is so thin that she’s constantly spitting-up, and probably the only thing positive from hearing that she’s spitting up too much to gain weight from her GI doc was confirmation of how insane it has been for us.

Because no one is really clear about spit-up and what is too much and they typically try to make you feel like you just don’t understand babies, and that babies just spit-up a lot, but that was not what was happening with Loris. She spits up so much I am doing 6 or 7 loads of laundry of just her clothes a day, because she soaks them, her bibs, her crib sheets, the chair she sits in, our floors, us..etc…it is a HUGE mess all day long, and one of the most exasperating experiences of my life.

They tell you hold her up and still for at least 30 minutes, and make sure you burp her a lot. We could hold Loris still for 5 hours and she’d still vomit up all her food all day long, it just simply doesn’t work. It is a full-time job dealing with just the amount of spit-up.

And when you know it is effecting their weight gain it is so stressful, because each spit-up reminds you that she just lost more calories and by the end of the day I am typically in tears from it, also everything smells terrible.

So we have started to thickening her milk now and that is going okay. I had hopes it would be the miracle we needed but alas, it works better some days than others.

The doc did tell us that he’s 99% sure that Loris’ allergies are only dairy related and that we should try soy formula and once she can keep her food down we are going to slowly start introducing her to soy formula to see. Her GI doc also believes that by 9 months she will be completely allergy free and can have my breastmilk too…it is so frustrating because I was so strict with my diet while pumping but because they can’t be positive (eye roll) they are still restricting my milk until she is fully allergy-free.

But enough about her ongoing issues…let’s talk about what a truly delightful child she is, because she is, she is the happiest sweetest love. Now that she’s not in excruciating pain anymore, she rarely cries, is constantly smiling and so very happy to see her family all the time.

She is very bright and very aware, though we continue to have circus like theatrics with her pacifiers, which she tolerates but spits out as often as she can, and no matter what we do, her pacifier always ends up wrapped around the curl on top of her head while she’s sleeping.

She wants to be apart of everything and is determined to sit-up, and even sits herself up in her seat. She is constantly moving, even while she sleeps and has a bald patch on the back of her head from moving so viciously in her crib. I think once she’s reflux free, all that moving in her bed will stop, I do think she is uncomfortable more than we can even understand.

She sleeps as bad as Wallis did, her naps lasting 30 minutes at a time. She stiffens her body as straight and hard as she can when we are trying to put her sleep sack on for the night, determined to not let us put her to bed, ha! She also kicks like a maniac in the bath, and I worry about how wet I am going to be once she can actually sit up properly.

My family has always been annoyingly weird when it comes to eye color. My dad was actually depressed that neither of his children had blue eyes like him when we were growing up. So when Wallis had blue eyes – it was all they could talk about. And who knows who she actually gets them from, most of her family on all sides have blue eyes (including her dad). But Loris has green eyes. And yet, my family keeps calling them “brown like her mamas” and it’s not said in a sweet way, there’s some alienation undertones. Granted it’s hard to tell in pics, they do look dark – but I swear if it isn’t blue, it’s poo. I think they all need counseling. 😉

But probably the most Loris thing of all is that she never stops babbling. We call her our little song bird because she sings non-stop all day. This started when she turned 3 months and has yet to stop, she will talk and talk and talk all day long. She also screams a lot, which is both hilarious and momentarily frightening as my brain catches up to what sounds like a grown woman about to be murdered. She’s not screaming in a upset way she just enjoys the sound, ha!

I have never seen a baby do this, and Wallis babbled but not like this. I actually googled it one day because I started getting worried about it….like is this normal? Apparently yes, it is okay for babies to do what she’s doing.

We keep trying to catch it on camera, and have gotten a few quick vids because if she sees us trying she will immediately stop. We have also noticed that when my mom is here, she doesn’t do it nearly as much…so for now I guess she’s more reserved about it, ha!

Keeping with the bird theme, when you carry her, she also holds her arms straight back and chest out as though at any moment she might just take off in flight. Andrew jokes that she has exceptional posture.

I am kind of scared, because to be honest, we are a rather quiet family. Wallis talks but it is purposeful talking, she doesn’t just ramble non-stop unless she’s trying to be silly. Andrew and I could probably go most of the day without saying that much to each other and never think it odd…but Loris might just blow that all up. If she turns this babbling frequency into real words…we are in trouble, ha!

I have often jokingly asked my brother if he has any internal dialogue because he talks non-stop and can’t bare any pauses or silences in conversations. Maybe this is my revenge, ha! Whatever it is, I’ll take it because we couldn’t love her more.

She, like her sister, loves beard kisses. Look at her feet! Also, she has really long feet, ha!
I know everyone thinks their kids are beautiful, but come on, look at this kid! 😉
I have included this pic as proof that she does have some chubby on her, look at those cheeks! Very kissable and she likes to kiss back too, ha!
One of my favorite captures of Loris, really shows her personality. Light and love.
For nearly 2 weeks we thought teeth were coming because she acted in such pain around her mouth and was very fussy. This is how she would chew on her pacifier all day during it! But alas the cloud has lifted and no teeth…mercy, so anticlimactic Loris.

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    March 7, 2020 at 9:23 pm

    Happy 5 months Loris!!! She is such a sweetie! 😍 I love that she’s a chatterbox and can’t wait to hear all she has to say! ❤️

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      Tiffany King
      April 6, 2020 at 11:00 am

      You are so sweet! Thank you for all your loving comments!!

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