0 to 4 Months, Loris

We welcomed Loris in October and she was almost 9 pounds just like Wallis and 1 inch longer than Wallis was.

After a very difficult pregnancy thanks to Hyperemesis Gravidarum again – but it actually started earlier and worse than with Wallis – was followed by a terrible labor, so much worse than my first.

With Wallis I was surrounded by nurses and had a kind female doctor and even though I labored for almost 3 days at the hospital, those ladies gave me a lot of strength.

With Loris it was just a single nurse who only came to that hospital once a month and was an absolute lunatic. She was mean, loud and awful.

The male doctor on call was terrible too and the two of them together did their most to discourage and exhaust me. I was in so much pain though, that I couldn’t even defend myself. And Andrew was so worried about me that he couldn’t think straight.

They would criticize me each time they felt I wasn’t pushing hard enough, and I was pushing as hard as I could for TWO HOURS! The doctor actually left the room at one point and the nurse said, “he’s had enough of you!”

Then they FINALLY realized the reason the baby wasn’t coming wasn’t because I wasn’t pushing hard enough, it was because I had a thick piece of scar tissue from my last labor preventing Loris from coming out, and they told me I had to break through it before she could come out.

So that’s what I did – but it took another hour, and finally she came out but not before her heart rate dropped rapidly…she was born blueish and they had to revive her twice, Andrew and I didn’t breath in which felt like hours was only minutes, but then she was here and gorgeous! The doctor took a long time sewing me up and then announced “well your butt is going to hurt for awhile” and then left. Yep, terrible.

Needless to say my recovery this time around was really bad and long, I’m actually still recovering but almost healed. I also didn’t have a second to recover because life is instantly insane with 2 kids.

As I wrote here, Loris was born sick and it has been an excruciating 3 months…but we are finally seeing improvements. And if she’s not in pain, Loris is truly such a happy baby.

Andrew and I were surprised how different the 2 girls looked, we really thought we’d have a Wallis #2 but instead of blond/blue eyes, Loris has greenish hazel eyes and brownish hair. She might still turn blond though, Wallis wasn’t blond at first either. But even their head and body shapes are different.

We are starting to see some differences in the girls personalities as well. Where Wallis as a baby, liked to be cozy in her bassinet and was a nightmare to transition to her crib – Loris required almost immediate placing in her crib, so she could stretch out like a grown man.

Where Wallis is always too hot, Loris had a relationship with the heating lamp at the hospital. Where Wallis wore her swaddle until she was way too old like almost 2 (arms out of course) too old – we’ve had to purchase a straight jacket for Loris who still gets her arms out or inches around like a manic glowworm and flips over even with her arms strapped down giving us a heart attack. Where Wallis loved her pacifier, Loris throws hers and drops it non-stop, she prefers to stick her entire fist in her mouth instead (eye roll). Basically where Wallis required lots of soothing (still does) – Loris still enjoys a cuddle but is also ok with her own space and fist, she really likes that fist.

They are both incredibly bright, determined, early with everything, bad at sleep, and never want to miss a moment happy ladies. And they adore each other. I expected Loris to adore Wallis, but I thought Wallis would need more time to feel the same, but I was so wrong! Wallis loves Loris as though she’s always known her, she watches over her, protects her, and is always hoping to make Loris smile.

I truly believe that it’s the love Wallis has shown Loris that has gotten me through so sooo many dark days made better watching Wallis accepting her sisters endless issues, and making the best of each of them.

I lay in bed often thinking of Wallis’ love for Loris and how blessed I am to witness it. I didn’t expect that, at least not so early on, but Wallis is full hearted…though she does gag every time Loris spits up, which is like a million times a day. Ha!

One thing we feel bad about is where Wallis already had a bazillion pictures taken with a professional camera – Loris only has a handful taken with our phones…and so that younger sibling story begins 😉

I know there are people that act like the newborn stage is magical…but I am so glad to be leaving it, and am rejoicing Loris has finally reach 4 months! Andrew and I are both looking towards 6 months with the hope of an end to the never-ending spit up and possibly, she’ll even be able to go back to breastmilk.

Happy 4 months Loris, you have turned our world upside down – but we couldn’t be more in lllooovvveee!

1 day old
Two weeks old
Two months old
3 months old
3 months old
4 months old

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    February 12, 2020 at 1:43 am

    I can’t believe how much she’s grown already! I love seeing all the pictures! It is incredible all you went through, and I’m so sorry for that experience. What a joy to get to watch her grow and already see her personality showing. She is a true blessing!

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