December 18, Wallis 3 Years Old!

I don’t even know where to begin…but if December is an indication of what 2019 will be like, we are in trouble.

First, even getting our Christmas tree was a bit of a disaster. Andrew and I wanted to return to a Christmas Tree farm we had visited a year earlier, and so we looked and found what we believed to be that farm…invited my parents and headed out.

I told Andrew as we were leaving, “don’t forget the car potty” to which he replied, “I would have forgotten, thank you for reminding me!”

When we arrived at the Christmas Tree farm we realized quickly that it was not the same farm and was basically someone’s house with about 20 trees in the front of their property. Not wanting to turnaround and try to refigure everything out again, we decided to make the best of it.

I got out of the car and started to get Wallis out and had her all ready to go before realizing had been standing a few inches deep in the biggest dog poo I had ever seen. My dad helped me clean my boot before making our way to the very edge of the property in hopes there would be some kind of tree worth cutting.

As soon as we got to the edge of the property Wallis exclaimed, “I have to go potty mama” because that’s what toddlers do, so I picked her up and we started heading back to the car quickly, but the whole time I was doing that, I was also patting myself on the back for no longer being a novice parent, for being a parent that had a car potty, a fully equipped parent ready for anything, even dogs that poo like horses.

Upon our arrival back at the car Andrew turned to me with what I call his “sudden onset diarrhea” face – an expression that I think until meeting me, had won him much sympathy and leeway for being how do I say this, a dummy?  “I forgot the car potty” he said. Luckily my dad who had just finished telling his life story to the owner (something men in their 60s do, it’s a thing) of the 20 tree Christmas Tree farm was still nearby, so we scrounged through both cars to locate some paper towels and a plastic bag. Sorry Wallis.

In the end we did find a rather nice tree, small but good enough. And it was a nice experience despite having married Andrew, tee hee.

Second, so far we have all been dealing with two colds that have been holding on since Thanksgiving. Wallis has fared the best, and Andrew has fared the worst.

First Andrew got everyone sick, and then my dad decided to get everyone sick, though he will of course deny this accusation and pretend his horrendous cold was simply allergies…that spread through the entire family. Nothing too serious, but pretty aggravating to have during the holidays.

THIRD, I decided to host Christmas this year since it will be the last Christmas in our old home. Since Wallis was born on Christmas – Christmas for us is now Christmas Eve, and everything started off nice enough, but by the late afternoon, when I had just started cooking Christmas dinner my throat felt like I was swallowing glass, and when I looked in the back of it, it had white streaks all over it. I showed my dad (who is a nurse) and he told me I should go to urgent care as it did not look good, and fearing it might be strep throat and that I could infect everyone coming over that evening, I took myself to urgent care at 3:30 pm on Christmas Eve.

The rapid strep test came back negative and it was huge waste of time to which I floored it back home to go ahead and continue with our Christmas Eve dinner plans. I really wanted everything to still go well, you know? I had put a lot of thought into this last Christmas together in our old house, and I couldn’t let that go.

So despite a horrible sore throat and a temperature of 102 – I made a big Christmas dinner from scratch for my family. It honestly came together well and turned out great, I was so relieved that I had actually pulled it off, even if it was just for six people – I felt like I had cooked for the queen…which if you’ve ever cooked for my dad, it feels about that level of judgment, ha!

FINALLY, Wallis’ third birthday – it was to be an all Banana Ice Cream Party! Her favorite and most requested food ever right now. Oh I still feel so bad about what a disaster Wallis’ 3rd birthday was. As you have seen from her other birthday’s – I never do anything fancy, but something little that shows the details of what she is currently loving.

It is important to me to remember the details of those I love, it is one of the ways I show my love. So despite it not being fancy or even Pinterest worthy, it still matters to me that it comes together well enough.

An hour or so before the party was to start I got everything out to start decorating (I like to do this while Wallis is napping so I can really surprise her) when I realized a box was missing, I had never noticed before because everything had been gathered together at the same time, and so each time I had looked, I assumed everything was there.

I started looking around everywhere confused how an entire box of decorations just goes missing when it finally hit me, Andrew had thrown them away. He had done this before I had even hidden the boxes, it had probably happened months ago, but because I had put everything together downstairs and taken it up at the same time, it had never registered to me that things were missing (which was foolish on my part and clearly shows how out of my mind stressed I’ve been with our whole having to sell our house thing). I knew he had thrown them away because I had caught him a day earlier picking up boxes out of our mudroom to throw away that had stuff still in them.

I am always after Andrew to be more proactive and the moment he decides to be, he throws an entire birthday party away. Blerg. ha!

Since it was Christmas day everything was closed. There was nothing I could do, so I tried to improvise with whatever I had left – which was a few balloons, a banner and some scraps from her birthday wrapping paper.

Andrew of course felt terrible, so there was no point in being mad at him – I tried my best but it looked terrible, I felt terrible but there really wasn’t much time to even wallow – Wallis had woken up from her nap and guests were arriving.

I made Bunny Cracker (her favorite crackers and my own idea, ha! watch out DQ) Banana Ice Cream and Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream and of course both turned out softer than I would have liked because my mind was too distracted, that by the time we were all singing Happy Birthday while I was carrying out her candle/Ice cream to her – I was sobbing.

I tried so hard to stop sobbing, but I could not stop sobbing that I had to excuse myself. Luckily Wallis never even noticed she was sooooo freakin’ excited. And I get that’s the moral of the story, that a 3-year-old didn’t even notice that her party was a disaster because she loved it all no matter what blah blah blah thank you awesome, got it, but it sucked and I was sad about it.

I was also exhausted and sick…so the sobbing was most likely a few things. I pulled myself together quickly, and it really was a lovely day despite (again) having married Andrew. He knows I love him, but seriously, that guy is killing me slowly.

In all seriousness though, Andrew and I have been blown away by Wallis, she is truly the most joyful of loves. She handled 3 days of pure chaos beautifully, with grace, laughter and pure amazing excitement, that made everyone feel light and loved.

We are truly so blessed to know her, to love her and though it is never easy to leave a year behind because watching her grow will always be equally painful as it is wonderful, we can not wait to see what year 3 brings.

If her actions are any indication, it will be a terrific 2019.

Thank you Wallis for continuing to show your cuckoo mama and absent minded father how wonderful life is – there are not enough words of gratitude to describe what it means to be your parents.

My poor dad’s hair, it is so white that it glows in most pictures…also his expression looking at Andrew, ha! My whole family has experienced the “Andrew effect” and we love him anyways, because he is very lovable despite himself…you can even see in this picture, that he had recently sat on a band-aid. Bless him.

Grandma and Wallis! My mother is capable of a good time anywhere she goes, bless that happy little lady.

She spent more time listening to random dogs barking then caring about picking out a tree, ha!

Our last Christmas card in front of our old house…man this kills me every single time I look at it. We are going to miss our home so much.

One of the many outtakes….Wallis wasn’t feeling it, ha.

This isn’t a good picture and Wallis is making a face because the sun was in her eyes, but I really love it…

Opening all her Christmas goodies in her Christmas pajamas, we all had matching ones because it makes this mama happy! Also you can see two snowflake ornaments that Wallis made herself, and she helped decorate the tree, well at least the bottom of it, and honestly, did a smashing job at it.

Wallis watched a lot of The Nutcracker this year, she really loved it, and I can’t help but think looking at this picture, how sweet she would be in a local production of it…hmmm…but only if Piggy can come too.

Piggy turned 3 this year too and the candle was too heavy for the soft “ice cream” but Wallis gave it her all and blew that candle out!

I found some white cups we had from a few parties back and cut out pieces of her wrapping paper to decorate them with (desperate times) just call me Martha…it’s okay, I know that I am not crafty.

Too soft doesn’t matter to her, look at how excited she is to eat all that banana ice cream!

She ended out the day at her favorite window…for pooping. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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