November 18, Wallis (35 months)

Holy smokes how did this happen? Wallis is going to be THREE years old next month THREE. I seriously have no idea where those three years went and why I haven’t recovered better, ha!

The start of November brought a fun surprise of a day of snow (and ice). In the past Wallis has not enjoyed the snow. She hated getting her boots wet and would cry to be picked up and carried inside, so I expected the same this time around but her heart has come around and she absolutely loves the snow now.

It was such a shock to Andrew and I to watch her gleefully play it in with the biggest smile on her face. She even had this check list of things she had seen in her books that she had been waiting to do (apparently) because as soon as we got out there she started listing them off.

She wanted to build a snowman, make lots of snow angels and throw snowballs. We did all of those, several times. She was a real trooper about the snow angels and produced my favorite images of her ever because she kept laying down to do snow angels but it was raining ice rain and pelting her in the face, but she just kept doing it regardless, there was no convincing her otherwise.

I had to force her inside she loved the snow so much and that really reminded me of myself, especially when she started eating snow off her mittens. I have always loved the snow and watching Wallis was a real flashback for me.

It appears we are destined to get sick in November. Wallis got sick for the first time last November and now, for the second time, this November. Luckily, this time it was a real cold and lasted only a week – the last time was over 2 weeks and terrible. BUT I actually got sick too this time, so far I’ve managed to avoid getting sick for years, but Wallis coughing in my face and how worn out I’ve been…it shouldn’t be surprising that I actually got it too.

And hey, if Wallis only gets sick once a year, we should be so lucky, so I’m not complaining – so far so good.

Wallis’ love of banana “ice cream” continues to surface every chance she gets. She even created a song that she sings to me daily, it goes, “make more banana ice cream, make more banana ice cream, make more banana ice ccccrrrreeeaaammmm.” She has also taken to showing me happy children’s faces in books and saying, “see, he had banana ice cream” or sad faces, “see, she did not have banana ice cream” – it really cracks me up, where does she come up with this stuff? Her comedic timing is perfection, and if all else fails in life, at least I know she’ll be able to find the humour in it, as my family has done for generations.

However, there is one thing Wallis has been doing that might keep her out of the elite kindergartens….mooning. Wallis loves to moon her loved ones. She slips one side of her pants down and slowly walks backwards into a room saying, “oooooo bum cheeks, bum cheeks” and every one loves it, but she did do it to Andrew’s dad while on FaceTime and that was the first time that I thought…we might have an issue. Ha!

As long as she doesn’t start doing it in the grocery store line, I think we’ll ride this mooning phase until she’s over it. I’ll admit, I’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Wallis gives the best tightest hugs. She tells Andrew whenever he’s the one picking her up from her grandparents that she “can’t wait to get home and give mama a big hug” and she does, runs right into my arms and holds me so tight. Every single time she does it, I say a prayer that she will never stop hugging me that tight because those kind of hugs are a blessing to my every bad day and my every worry, I immediately feel nothing but gratitude for her and this life.

Nothing cuts quite like a toddler’s honesty though! Andrew was trying to have a moment with Wallis the other night when he was putting her to bed and he said, “I really love spending time with you at the park Wallis” and she replied, “me really like playing at home with mama” haa! Oh dear…don’t worry I’ve received plenty of zingers, but dada does seem to get the brunt of them.

I would say her attachment to Pierre and Olive has grown immensely over this last year and she always wants them with her. She’ll call for them in the morning and wants them to play with her a lot. She is particularly keen on Pierre as he does the most naughty of things, and of course that fascinates her. But she still doesn’t want either of them in her room and is sure to tell them every time they come upstairs…since that is how she lost 3 toys already, so you know, no dogs allowed after that.

I really can’t believe we are so close to her third birthday. It is truly painful because I have so enjoyed year 2. I am so proud of who she is becoming and how kind and thoughtful she is. How brave, strong, and clever she is…but I’m just not ready, never will be.

Standing by her first snowman, and yes, she built it all by herself. Love that little snow bunny!

I mean I feel bad about the ice rain hitting her in the face, but bless it, bless that face, I love it so much and her determination to make her snow angel anyways.

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    Ken Sanders
    November 26, 2018 at 4:28 am

    Thank you sooo much for your Wallis stories, and the photos.
    Love Uncle Ken

  • Reply
    Nana Jo
    November 29, 2018 at 8:04 am

    love love love our little snow bunny!!

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