October 18, Wallis (34 Months)

I can not even tell you what happened in September because I can’t even remember, but it was a stressful month and therefore there wasn’t a post or pictures, eek. I hope future Wallis can forgive me for missing a month, he he.

We’ve been working hard to get the house ready so that we can list it, but also not be so stressed at the holidays trying to get it ready, but we made a few mistakes or as my parents call it, “doing way too much on a house you are selling” and that slowed us down a lot. Regardless, October has been filled with more projects and has moved too fast for all of them, but the end is in sight. Yay!

Since November and December will most likely be the last holidays we spend in our beloved old home, we really want to try to be in the moment as much as possible and hopefully I can make it through without crying too much (no promises).

As for Wallis she continues to be her amazing self. I have no idea how we are going to tell her we’re moving, I feel physically sick anytime I think about doing it. My parents keep saying “we moved all the time and you were fine” but I remember being that kid and I was not fine, and I was also not nearly 3 years old and absolutely in love with my home.

Wallis’ love for our old house is as thick as our love for it. We have the most hideous bright red linoleum flooring in our kitchen and as we’ve been working to replace it, Wallis has said sadly many times, “but me love this red floor” so I am not exactly sure how to go from there. Yes kids are resilient, great, but that has nothing to do with the present moment in which we are literally pulling the hideous red floor from under her.

There are so many huge changes ahead for all of us, and not a single one won’t be emotional or stressful, so I think it is fair to say HELP!

Moving on…(no pun intended)

I realized that I never talk about Wallis’ gift giving and I don’t want to forget it. I have talked about how much she loves to give gifts, and shop for me with dada, but this is totally different. For many many months maybe even since she was 2 but for sure she turned 2.5 – Wallis has made sure that any time that she sees me, her dad, or her grandparents that she always has something to give us.

These gifts come in the form of rocks, sticks, flowers, or leaves, but she takes time to pick them out and refuses to go inside until she has the right thing to give the person she hasn’t seen in a couple of hours to a few days. She once carried a yellow leave from our house to her grandparents so carefully for a full 25 minutes, just so she could give it to them when she saw them. She holds the gift behind her back and asked the recipient to close their eyes and then presents her find for, to them. It brings her joy to watch our faces light up and it brings me joy to watch her face giving it, she truly is the most thoughtful of loves and it breaks my heart as much as it warms it.

Some times I think of her small kind sincere face while she’s giving me something she took time to find, and I have a mini panic attack like if anyone ever hurts her feelings I am going to come for them! Ha but also, seriously, I am not a chill mom, because I feel some fierce love for that wee girls HUGE heart and I do not want to see that diminished by some jerk, and there are sooooo many jerks. I think it is obvious I might not survive parenthood, ha!

The month of October has officially brought the toddler “whys” with it! Except Wallis pronounces it more like “vhy” with a V sound instead of W and it is my favorite. All day long I hear “vhy mama, vhy” and it just makes me laugh, it hasn’t driven me insane yet and I actually really like having those kind of conversations with her.

Andrew and I joke that Wallis is like one of those people that goes to a foreign country for a few years and magically develops an accent and then panics anytime they’re caught speaking normally again. Except with Wallis it is clear understandable sentences VS I guess what you would call a type of “baby talk” and I am pretty sure the “baby talk” has something to do with the time she spends with Grandma (side-eye).

What I mean by this is Wallis will say a sentence very clearly but then once she realizes she’s been caught, will quickly say it again like, “let’s go to the mail” caught “let’s go to the may may” or “I need to use the potty” caught “I need to use the pot pot” and some days she’ll talk all day so clearly that I think mercy when did she become a 5-year-old – followed by a day of completely rushed mumbling that only her parents can understand, ha!

I have no idea what it is all about but I am not pointing it out. I made the mistake of correcting her “me” instead of “I” once and she replied, “mama, me like to say ME!” and well, you know what, okay.

One of my favorite things she is saying every time she walks into a room I am in is, “what are you up to?” which I am pretty sure she has heard me say way too many times, ha! Or she’ll say, “oh my goodness” or “Pierre and Olive are cuckoo” since that is what I call them.

The last thing I’ll say because I have no idea how long this will last but her vast knowledge of birds is extraordinary, which I do say with hesitation because I am aware that as soon as I say Wallis knows this or that, adults feel they need to “test” her knowledge and ruin the fun of it.

Wallis does not like to be tested either, never has, you can tell that she doesn’t find it fun and will immediately stop talking or start her own game of pretending she has no idea what you’re talking about, which I actually quite enjoy watching.

Kids are so much more aware and clever then we even realize and that adult testing them stuff, is really annoying to witness, they just want to have fun not be your monkey. She really does like to play little mind games not sure what you’d call it during her interactions with others, and I enjoy watching her think of them as she goes. She does it to us too.

But back to the birds, her love of birds started very young and has just increasingly grown. Her favorite game is a bird card game where she will pick out and say names like, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, or a Laughing Kookaburra, or Magnificent Bird-of-Paradise to a Andean Cock-of-the-Rock…etc…etc…and not just know their names, she can also tell the difference between the male and the female.

She just really loves birds, and honestly they are good for the mind with all the different varieties of colors and names. The other day we were reading a book that was not about birds, but ended up having one in it and she loudly exclaimed, “mama! a Kingfisher! and it’s a mama one” that’s how she refers to “female” or “male” mama or dada’s of course, ha.

Who knows if this love will continue forward, but it has been fun for us to watch and I do not mean any of this in a bragging sense, so I hope it doesn’t come off that way, of course it is okay for me to brag as she is our child, but I really just want to remember all of these details for when she turns 16 and just wants to watch reality tv and talk to dummy boys (mama sobbing). I’ll lean over and whisper in her ear, “remember when you actually knew the names of birds instead of super lame pop stars?” and then slowly back out of the room.

We went to the pumpkin farm and I also did a quick shoot for my job. Unfortunately, there are usually thousands of pumpkins everywhere but after all the rain we’ve had this year, the pumpkins didn’t do well, so there wasn’t much.

All Wallis wanted to do was try to pick up the biggest pumpkins she could fine. Ha!


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    Nana Jo
    October 27, 2018 at 8:49 pm

    Pretty, pretty punkin pics!! Love to you all! Nana Jo and Grandad

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      November 24, 2018 at 7:14 pm

      Love to you too!

  • Reply
    Ken Sanders
    October 29, 2018 at 1:48 am

    Thank you So much for the pics and story.Love uncle Ken and Sharon

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      November 24, 2018 at 7:13 pm

      You are so sweet! Thank YOU for wanting to see them, ha!

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