August 18, Wallis (32 Months)

August was a huge mess of a month. We discovered some devastating news in August that we are going to have to sell our home – we are still processing it all, so I won’t be talking about it until we’re through it, it’s too painful honestly.

On top of that and all the rain and horrible heat we’ve been dealing with all summer, I am just ready for winter…I know I said winter, not autumn, but winter. That’s how miserable this summer has been, I’m open to just skipping my favorite time of year and moving straight into hibernation mode.

Luckily Wallis is always the medicine that we need. This poor child has two parents that solely depend on her for happiness right now, ha! Okay her, and two dogs.

I have to say the last few weeks with Wallis have been interesting developmentally wise. One morning Wallis woke up and I noticed that she was “stuttering” with phrases she typically doesn’t have any issues with. She would excitedly say, “me me me me me me want to go play outside now” (she still goes between me and I when starting her sentences) or “no no no no no no I want to go right now” – the stuttering or stammering (as I learned later) only happened when she was really excited to tell me something, very upset or tired.

But it did really worry me, so I looked into it and contacted her pediatrician. Turns out it is super normal, and typically happens (not always) with children that are advanced verbally and were early talkers, which Wallis is/was both. They just can’t  get the words out fast enough with all the information they are processing and that is very much what was happening with Wallis. We’ve just let it happen and haven’t said anything about it, and it is already almost gone.

But during the process it really had me thinking about Wallis. How as early as 15 months old she already knew all of her colors and letters – followed closely by being able to count to almost 20….I hadn’t really understood how crazy that is and how her poor little mind had really always been in such overdrive – how as parents we don’t really grasp what is happening right before us, and kind of almost take it for granted the huge leaps our children are making.

When she started to stammer, it just brought into focus for me all the work she’s been doing every single day and how important it is to always pause and give her time. We try to do that anyways, that has been a focus of our home…but life gets busy and even in the stress of having to sell our dream home – Wallis needs us to slow down, to listen and breathe in the wonder of her and all that she is taking in.

A few of the funny things that happened this month that I’d like to remember….

I make Wallis what we call “banana ice cream” for dessert some evenings and she loves it. It’s just frozen bananas and some times other fruits or peanut butter. She has no idea what real ice cream even tastes like really, except for the one taste she had at my parents that SHE LOVED, but luckily she is crazy about banana ice cream and I think, thinks she’s having what she had at my parents…once she really learns the truth, we’re in trouble, ha!

Anyways, this month she started placing her requests for banana ice cream in stories and even with bribery. I tell Wallis all the time that I don’t want her to grow and she typically responds, “but I want to be big like you mama” and I tell her that she will, but if she could just wait a little bit and she’ll reply, “Otay, a little bit” but the other day she replied with a big grin, “me stop growing for banana ice cream mama” haa! and uh yes, you can have alllllll the banana ice cream in the world if you stop growing Wallis!!! She also got out my ice cream recipe book (one of her favorites) and told me what she wants next in her banana ice cream (apparently, though she’s never had them, she would like chocolate chips) but it killed me that she had requests and was giving me “ideas” for my next batch! Love it.

I’ve talked about how polite Wallis is well she has started to say “my pleasure” now after every time we tell her thank you, which is hilarious. Probably one of my favorite things is when she runs into my room and says, “mama can I watch my show now please” and when I say yes, she replies, “Tutu (thank you) so much” and it just makes me smile.

Wallis has a very sweet soft voice except when she says “here” – clearly she’s been spending too much time around my southern father because now her “here” sounds like Robert E. Lee is living with us.

She has started to call us, “my mama or my dada” and when Andrew got sick she kept saying “poor dada” and “go back to bed dada, you still sick.”

Now the last story I will share has a very dark beginning and I just want to apologize ahead of time. My brain is so deeply exhausted that sometimes I say things that I must have buried at some point in my life…and unfortunately one of those moments happened with Wallis, but fortunately she had no idea what I was talking about, phew but also, why mama?

When it’s time to get Wallis out of the bath – I alway ask Andrew to pick her up because it kills my back picking her up out of the clawfoot these days, ha! Anyways, she always tries to get Andrew wet with her feet and we make kind of a game out of it…so to apparently add a real debbie downer twist to our fun game I blurted out, “you keep doing that Wallis and we’ll have to take you to the glue factory” of course I was saying it in a silly voice while trying to keep Andrew’s shirt dry and she was LOVING IT but OH MY WORD, THE GLUE FACTORY, I have never had a piece of meat in my life and take the killing of animals extremely serious and yet, there I am talking about the glue factory to a 2.5 year old like some kind of MONSTER.

HOWEVER, the only reason I am telling you this story (because I would have hidden this shame FOREVER otherwise) is that it has become an adorable family joke because Wallis (bless her heart) thought I said BLUE factory, instead of glue. And she announced real loud, “I don’t want to be BLUE, I want to be ME!” and it was so freaking adorable, we just started laughing and now it is a go to joke around here (with a very very dark past) but still…hahahaha…right? RIGHT!?

Anyways, the other night she really elaborated on the blue factory joke and it was so cute, I just want to remember it. She got Andrew’s shirt wet and I wrapped her up in her towel that looks like a pink kitten and held her like a baby (like I do every single night until I die, amen) and she said, “dada is going to the blue factory” and before we could interrupt with our own jokes, she said, “beep beep” to which she put her hand up to her ear saying, “me hear dada going to the blue factory, bye dada, bye dada” and the way she delivered it was so animated and sweet, I just loved it so much and so did Andrew, especially the beep beep, she so loves a good car beep.

I tried to recreate a picture from last summer…but she wasn’t interested, so I got a scowl looking at a tiny flower. I hope she keeps those cheeks forever.

My garden helper!

I spent a decent amount of money on a summer bonnet for her to wear, and then randomly bought this cheap straw hat. She refused to wear the bonnet and hasn’t taken the straw hat off…toddlers.

Wallis heading to her favorite cafe. She points what direction to go at the intersections. Her parents typically look like bags of sweat, but she, well she looks terrific.

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    Lieke verbeek
    October 8, 2018 at 8:08 am

    Oh no! Your beautiful house, your home! I can’t believe it, and dont have any fitting words. Hope it will all turn out ok, someway or the other. xxx

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      October 15, 2018 at 11:55 pm

      Thank you! So kind of you, we’re still processing it all.

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