July 18, Wallis (31 Months)

Honestly one of the best things about having this blog, besides memories that I will have surely forgotten because my mind is permanently exhausted and moving forward, is the reminder to TAKE PICTURES!

We have been so busy and the days move quickly and we end up taking a lot more videos these days because Wallis is just always on the move.

Luckily I needed to take pictures for a sale the business I work for was having, so I did have some July pictures to share, phew!

I have to say that Wallis had a bad month right before turning 2.5 but since then everything has been golden. We are having so much fun and there have been nearly zero meltdowns…which constantly amazes me. It’s like she got them all out in one month and then decided, “I worked through it all, I’m good.” Ha! Who knows what’s going on and she still has plenty of opinions of course, but they are worked through quickly and without much drama.

I think we all do our best to compromise, talk through whatever the issue might be, and choices, there are always choices. I really do feel, she feels like she has a say and she is an important part in whatever we are doing.

Even the other day when we had a terrible rain/wind storm, we all stood at the window talking about how we hoped our blueberry cover wouldn’t blow away. That might seem silly – but she was just as invested (more so) as us and when it didn’t blow away she was elated. All those little moments add up to her feeling safe, stable and purposeful in our home and that makes ME elated.

Something new is that she has started making more decisions about who she wants to play with and when, like she is dividing her time.

I think for parents that have had children that don’t appear to be as attached as others, like my friend makes jokes that her child would walk away with a stranger and not look back kind of personalities, they probably won’t relate as much to having a child that is the total opposite of that.

Wallis stays close and takes time to warm up. She does not come across friendly but once she warms up is truly fun and loving. I like this about her. But when she suddenly decided that I was going to do all nap times and bedtimes, and that only dada was going to get her in the morning – it threw us both off.

Up until that point Andrew and I would switch off/on a lot. Andrew’s been joking that until 2.5 Wallis “tolerated him, but was always looking for me” and it really was like that. But all the time he’s put in, is finally paying off. Now she really seems to enjoy being with him and playing with him, which is wonderful. It took me some time to adjust though, because turns out I am super greedy for her, ha!

So for a couple of weeks she was splitting her time between us. She was requesting her dad for some things and me for other things…and even though that’s mellowed now, it was still interesting to see her making those kind of decisions. Even when we drop her off at her grandparent’s house now, she tells us to go the moment we walk in the door – which of course my mom loves.

But she is very clear about one of us coming to get her or if Andrew gets her, “that she is going to go home to mama.” She tells me every time she’s leaving our house, “I go to pop-pop/grandmas but then I come home to you mama.”

She has started requesting “you play with me mama or you play with me dada” or the other day she told Andrew, “no dada’s allowed, just mama!” Ha! You can’t take it personally because she doesn’t mean it personally, she is only speaking in that moment and I am glad she feels so safe with us that she can communicate so directly.

Now when it comes to naps and bedtime especially bedtime, mama only. Andrew hasn’t done bedtime in 3 months, but I really cherish that time with her, even on my most exhausted nights when I really don’t “feel” like doing it – I am always glad I did – I am always glad I got to sit with her, hold her and read to her. She always requests I sing her a lullaby and she always tells me how much she loves me. It makes me feel like the most important heart in all the hearts.

When Andrew sings her a lullaby she says, “no dada, you go now dada” haa! Sorry I just had to include that, it makes us both laugh. She calls for her dada every morning though, and if I go, she asks where he is. So I get my own taste of rejection now too, don’t worry!

She has started to request 5 for everything now – 5 more minutes, 5 more books, 5 more jumps..etc….and the other day I accidentally called a Tuba a Saxophone because I live in a fog and she corrected me saying, “uh, no mama, that’s a Tuba” – I just stood there shocked for a few minutes…I am sure that’s just the beginning of me being corrected to come.

She’s also loving this book – it might seem a bit over her head, it is listed for ages 5-8 years, but the other day she held on to it and said, “I love this book soooo much” after we had finished reading it for the umpteenth time, which she has never said before, even though she absolutely loves to read.

The last story I’ll tell because I don’t know if this is the start of something new or if that was just one hilarious moment in time. The other day when I took her to her grandparents house, I was sitting there with my mom talking when I thought Wallis was trying to fix her underwear, instead she pulled up her dress, pulled her underwear down in the back mooning us both and turned to me and said, “mama” and started laughing. Then she just kept doing it and asking for “tickies” (tickles) – it was absolutely hilarious, random and such a classic toddler moment, we loved it!

This picture was the 4th of July Sale (red dress, blue shoes) but she loves when we visit the water.

Wallis likes to visit this little stream after having a snack at her favorite cafe, which has an old-fashion carving of a bunny on the sign. Her she is whistling a little tune.

Ha! This was for the 4th of July sale too…I had about two seconds to get this shot because she decided right after putting her sunglasses on, she hated them.

Wallis in the car: wearing a pair of her grandma’s sunglasses while listening to her favorite soundtrack, “The Last of the Mohicans” she kills me. Her grandma let her borrow these one day when I came to pick her up and had forgotten her other sunglasses, but she refuses to give them back now, ha!

One of Wallis’ family members sent her a little dress-up doctor’s outfit and of course she loves it, she especially loves giving shots.

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    Thank you for the Warm and Fuzzy Wallis Stories! The photos, as always, completely amaze!

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