April 18, Wallis

Easter was so early in April – it almost feels like it’s too late to share these pictures now…but I’ll share them anyways, ha!

Wallis turned 28 months and honestly she’s so close to 2.5 years now that I find myself getting really blue about it. I am loving this 2 year old time so much, that knowing it is almost half over makes me so sad. I can just tell things are going to be different at 3, not bad but not the same, and I want to keep her 2 as long as I can!

For example Wallis says, “Otay mama” after everything I say to her, and she says it so sweetly and I love it so much that I can just feel like it’s almost over…you know?

Easter was so much fun! My brother being a huge grump tried to ruin it for us all because I am pretty sure he hates all holidays and all joy…but Wallis didn’t allow it to happen, and I wish I had paid a little more attention to her joy and a little less to her sour old uncle.

The morning started off poorly because I had put Wallis in knee-highs and she was fine in them and then all of sudden right when everyone had arrived to watch her hunt eggs, she looked down horrified to be wearing knee-highs and having her knees exposed and lost it.

So we had to do an outfit change and put tights on which she calls, “pants with socks” ha! Luckily that was all it took but for a few long minutes it felt like Easter was going to be canceled.

I am totally fine if she has these quirks, like I’ve mentioned before – even though she wore short-sleeves and shorts last summer, she doesn’t remember it now, so to her she’s been wearing long pants and long sleeves FOREVER, and I am suddenly throwing her for a loop with all these cut-off versions of her favorite clothes…to her they’re broken, and need fixing.

We’re working on it…but I am a bit worried I might be the only mom on the playground with a child in a winter coat when it’s 100 degrees out…I guess I’ll have to pack a portable hand fan and just follow her around so she doesn’t pass out, he he.

Once Wallis had found her basket filled with puffin and seagull wooden and soft toys, her favorites…it was time to hunt for the eggs. I used the same natural eggs that I used last year, but this time since Easter was so early, I hadn’t prepared for the eggs basically being the exact same color as everything in our yard, ha!

There were only 12 eggs but once she understood what she was supposed to do, she found them all in less than 5 minutes. The only thing that slowed Easter down at all was that she placed her basket at the furthest corner of the yard and had a blast running one egg at a time back and forth, she loves to run. The funniest part was that she kept opening the eggs dumping out the bunny biscuits inside into her basket, and then dropping the eggs on top of them. There was a method to her madness with that process, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was…though I made sure to give her fresh bunnies when she wasn’t looking later, ha.

Once she had found all the eggs, she was having so much fun that she covered her eyes and asked us to re-hide them, so we did! We did that again the following day when it was just us too, she really loved finding those eggs, and we really loved watching her.

Wallis has really gotten into playing with water at the sink and helping me cook. She’ll move her chair over to the sink and play for at least 30 minutes, mixing water, tasting it, and making us tea. She loves to make her dada tea and will say, “here dada, tea with two sugars!”

I’ve really enjoyed having her in the kitchen with me, her favorite thing to help me make is egg salad. She loves to smash the egg, add a pinch (or more) of dill and mix in the vegenaise. We eat a fair amount of egg salad in this house, ha.

Like I’ve always said Wallis never misses a thing. A few weeks ago, I bought a new toothbrush and I smiled to myself knowing Wallis would notice it, but then I forgot by the evening that I had done that. When I was taking Wallis out of the bath she said something but I was rushing and didn’t really pay attention, she says a lot of things when we get out of bath. Well when we got to her room to finish drying her off and to put on her PJs she was upset. I didn’t know what the problem was but she pushed her towel off and started running for it, so I followed that very upset little bottom back to the bathroom where she looked up with a huge smile and said, “new toothbrush mama! GREEN, GREY AND BLUE!” and then turned around and walked calmly back to her room. Ha! It was such a terrific moment and I was annoyed at myself for rushing her (I was so tired) it was a good reminder to slow down and just enjoy her.

Something she has been doing every night for a few weeks now (if Andrew is doing bedtime) is after she’s had her teeth brushed, she’ll take her washcloth wrap it around the letter M (one of her bath letters) and come into our bedroom and tell me she has a present for me. Then she’ll slowly unwrap it and say, “not an O, not a P, not a D BUT M FOR MAMA!” and hand it to me and it has become the best part of my evening, I truly look forward to it.

She has been going through some separation anxiety from me again. When she goes to her grandparents house she’ll say and sometimes even sing all the way there, “miss mama, dada, miss mama” or if I’ve gone exercising she’ll wait at the window for as long as she can saying, “mmmmaaaammmmaaaaa miss mama, dada” which is really hard on me. The other day I took her to her grandparents and when I was getting ready to leave she started whining, “nooo mama” and I kid you not I nearly started to cry. I had to pull it together and realized I am going to be the worst at saying goodbye to her and if she tells me she wants to go, I am totally going to say “OK! let’s roll!” so….she’ll probably never go to school, heh heh.

I am rarely away from her and I know that she loves her grandparents and spending time with them, but it’s hard to convince myself of these things in the moment.

The thing is with Wallis is that she only shares her BIG feelings with Andrew and I privately, so when she’s expressing even a quiet “miss mama” or a “noooo mama” around others, I know that inside she’s even more upset then she’s letting show. I’d almost prefer her freaking out because watching her internalize it, is painful for us both, even Andrew nearly started to cry and he’s an iceberg!

A few things she said this month that made me laugh are…

When I told her she had two minutes before bath, she replied, “mama go upstairs, play by yourself” I have never told her to play by herself before, so I guess she was really telling me off, ha!

I love when she says, “see you later mama, see you later dada” or “too funny mama” or “pay attention mama, pay attention dada.”

Then when she was at my parents for Easter dinner she had her first taste of ice cream, it was only vanilla but she loved it. She kept asking for more and I had to seriously cut her off. Several weeks later when I was buying ice cream at the store and thinking she wouldn’t even notice, she saw and said, “share with me” so sweetly!

Luckily she forgot by the time we got home, because we don’t do sweets for her. I don’t mean that in a judgmental way because I have a serious sweet-tooth, but I just can’t imagine giving her sweets when she’s so young, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea to me and so we don’t. That moment at Easter was special and I think that’s good enough for now – she has plenty of years to become a sweet monster like me.

Lastly, and probably the highlight of my mom’s month was Wallis telling her she loved her over FaceTime. Even though Wallis can pronounce Grandma (and has many times) for some reason she calls my mom, “dandma” but I think it’s really sweet, like it’s her special nickname for my mom. We were about to hang up and Wallis said, “lou you dandma!”

Wallis loves to cuddle and give hugs, she’s very affectionate but she doesn’t say it much, and she had not ever said it to my mom, so it was a big deal and we both had tears…we never play it cool, and you have to play it cool with Wallis or she’ll never say it again, ha!

Slowly walking out to start the Easter fun…she takes her time to warm up to new situations.

April 1 flower gardens are painfully brown, barren and ugly.

And….she’s off!

I have to admit the first year of Wallis’ life my dad was still way too preoccupied with his career, and wasn’t around much. I was very sad about it – but man has he come around in her second year, he’s like a different person (he’s also semi-retired) and it has made me so grateful! My mom told me once that seeing her father become a grand-father healed a lot of the hurt she felt towards him…and I finally feel like I truly understand what she meant.

My dad is clearly way more excited about the little bunny biscuits than Wallis, ha!

Found it!

But wait…there’s more…

This was basically her the entire time. I thought she’d probably sleep late after having such a wild filled day, but nope…5:30 am is our forever.

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