March 18, Wallis

Keeping up with these posts is literally one of the hardest things I started 2 years ago, ha, but I just tell myself someday I’ll be so glad I did…I hope so anyways, I hope that someday I can look back on all of this and not wonder, “why did I bother writing all of this??” Since I struggle to remember what happened at breakfast these days, I am pretty positive I’ll be grateful for this walk down memory lane.

Wallis is 27-months-old and one of the things that people have commented about since she was a baby are her rosy cheeks. It makes me smile because she really has her father’s coloring, but she has my rosy cheeks. That’s something people always commented about me and I would even have girls in high-school asking me what shade of blush I used, to which I would (because I didn’t wear makeup) reply sarcastically, “anxiety” or “exhaustion fever” because that’s basically when they’re at their rosiest, he he.

Anyways, I know it might seem silly but since Wallis really does look more like her dad than me, I like having these little things to smile about. Hopefully she gets his temper though, we need more time with her to know which way that’s leaning, ha!

She truly is the most thoughtful little bear and sometimes I really worry about it. I know what it feels like to care too much or worry too much and I just don’t want anyone ruining that for her, the way growing up tends to do. I think when I feel the saddest about it, is when I see her giving all that glorious toddler love to someone who doesn’t deserve it and it takes it for granted. All I want to do is protect her from making my mistakes, but I know for now, I can only do that in little ways and so I do, but it’s hard sometimes, that mama bear thing is no joke.

One of the ways her thoughtfulness continues to leave me speechless is that I love to get her surprises (more than Andrew would like, ha!) but I can’t help it and she gets so excited, but over the last few months she seems torn between loving the surprise but also wishing she had a surprise for me. So once she has her surprise, she’ll say, “I surprise you, mama” and then has me close my eyes while she quickly puts a little “present” together for me.

After music class Andrew took her to our local bookstore and she asked if she could “get mama a surprise” so she looked allllll over the bookstore and decided on a little blue card that read, “over the moon” to give me.

Then the other day I had to go run an errand and she asked her dad, “make art project for mama, Dada” she gathered some wisteria seeds, and some wild onions (because they were green, my favorite color) and told Andrew to write on it, “love mama.” I could literally go on and on about how beautiful her heart is. It fills me with so much joy.

Though if that is getting too mushy for you, I will tell you that she is still always slightly disappointed in the surprises I get her, for example, I got her a small Puffin purse (it’s a little pocket purse with puffins all over it, since she loves them) and she was very excited but then a second later said, “oh…no baby puffin” because there were no baby puffins on the purse and then let out a sigh…that’s basically how every surprise I give her goes, haa!

She does have quirks too…she likes her pant legs to be down so we hear a lot of, “pull my pant leg down” and she likes her sleeves to be right at her wrists so we hear a lot of, “pull my sleeve down” – she refuses to wear knee-highs because they expose her legs, so we wear a lot pants and tights. I am actually pretty worried about the summer…last summer she had no problem wearing shorts and even a swimming suit…but I don’t know this “no skin exposed” quirk of hers might come with some challenges, we’ll see. She’s known to make exceptions…ha!

I come from a family of quirks, so I don’t have any issue with her liking things to be a certain way, and I want her to feel free to wave that quirk flag high because if not, I’m pretty positive that’s what leads some kids to eat glue, ha!

She has always loved reading in the car wherever we’re going, but now, she won’t even get out of the car until she has finished reading…so everywhere we go, we have to wait until she’s done reading. Luckily, if Wallis is with us, it means we’re not typically in a hurry, or keeping anyone else waiting so we wait, but it just cracks me up because sometimes we’re sitting there waiting for 30 minutes.

A few things she said this month that stick out to me:

One evening after dinner she wanted me to play and I said, “I had to go upstairs and finish folding the laundry” and without missing a beat she turned to Andrew and said, “you go upstairs Dada, put away clothes” ha! Thank you Wallis for the support and some extra push to get dad to help more!

Then when Andrew was being really silly Wallis said, “Dada is too much” and it was so funny because we’ve never said that, but that could not be a better description of her dad, ha!

Finally, she was crying that I was leaving to go for a run and I said, “but mama needs to exercise” and she stopped crying, looked me up and down and replied, “a little bit.” I’ve never felt so judged in my life! Haa!

From my wee boo.

She painted this for her dad and then I did that mom thing where I made her pose with it.

Sweetest face!

Ha! Our family portraits only make dad happy…Wallis’ expression is how I feel 99% of the time.

This will be one of my favorite pictures for the rest of my life. Wallis had just gotten up from her nap (yes, we stayed in our pjs all day) and she quickly lined up all her favorite softies to have their “boo boos” cared for with her doctor’s kit. It was just one of those I need to remember this moments and I asked if she’d please let me take one picture since she dislikes it so much, and she complied…to me, it was perfect.

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