February 18, Wallis

Well as you can see it has taken me a bit to get this post put together. We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks.

My parents who usually watch Wallis 1 or 2 days a week were sick and then went on vacation for 3 weeks, so I had to totally rework my work schedule without any notice so that was crazy – which don’t get me wrong, I love having my parents help but with grandparent help comes lots of sick days, vacation days, and the occasional oops I made other plans days…so not the most stable situation, ha! Then we got hit with huge storm and lost power for a couple of days, and just when we’re finally settling back into the groove of things, the time changes…blerg…but all is well, truly, just your typical monthly chaos.

I’ve always loved the winter but since having Wallis I have to admit it’s making me a bit batty. We’ve had so much wind and freezing temperatures that we’ve been stuck inside most days and you can only play so much inside before the winter blues start kicking in. Wallis doesn’t mind at all, though she loves to play outside, she just really loves playing with us and I’ve been doing my best to follow her exuberant love of life and always living in the present as much as I can.

Wallis is officially 26 months old and so far we haven’t experienced the terrible twos we’ve heard so much about. Wallis has a lot of opinions and feelings but most days, there’s nothing too terrible about it. Maybe this will come about or maybe like a lot of parents say, three is way worse than two.

I try to remember all the magical things Wallis says during a day…sometimes if I’m fast enough I can even escape to quickly write them down before she calls out, “need you mama! Need you!”

The other day we were watching a show that described an Egret bird as “graceful and beautiful” Wallis looked right at me and said, “like you mama” and totally stunned me. I didn’t even know what to say but I nearly started to cry. I can’t tell you how many times I have to keep myself from crying over how truly intuitive and sensitive Wallis is to what’s happening around her, she blows me over.

She told us the other night, “marry you dada, marry you mama” and then went and got 3 party hats, put them on all our heads to celebrate her marrying us. She also likes to wrap presents (in my postpartum right after having a baby pads mind you) and hands them to us saying, “happy bir-day.”

While we were playing in her room she stopped and said, “I lou you mama, I lou you tthhiiss MUCH” with her tiny arms stretched as far as she could and that time I gushed desperation (slightly ruining the moment) over it saying, “me too, me too Wallis, I love you!!”

She makes a lot of jokes too…her favorite joke right now is “doo-doo” – lots of prank “doo-doo” calls happening around here. I have no idea where she heard it and I’ve tried to convince her “poo” is a better word but that only eggs her on. So after a few days of replying poo to her doo-doo, one night as Andrew and I were getting her ready for bed I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “doo-doo” and ran off. She laughed hysterically saying, “dada! mama said, doo-doo” and that’s how you light up a 2 year olds night.

I have to admit Wallis has a thing for poop. What can I say, she sees a lot of dog poop. One of her favorite things is to point out the dog poops for her dad to scoop up, and I worry a bit what the neighbors must think of us out there making a family activity out of poop scooping. If we’d let her she’d scoop it herself and sometimes (when we’re inside) she lays on her stomach and just stares at Pierre’s anus looking maybe even waiting for poo.

Wallis really loves birds. From an early age this has been a pretty big thing for her, but she has her favorites. Her current favorite birds right now are Puffins, Seagulls, and the Great Black-Back Gull. When we FaceTime with her grandma Wallis will say to me, “you talk Great Black-Back Gull to Grandma, mama” and I’ll have to tell stories (mostly made up) about the Great Black-Back Gull to my mom while Wallis sits there with a huge smile on her face, and then she’ll ask again and again until I finally say, “Wallis this is the last story about the Great Black-Back Gull, we’ll tell Grandma more tomorrow” and Wallis will reply sadly, “oh-tay.”

We play Puffins, Seagulls and the Great Black-Back Gull all day flapping our wings and chasing after each other, and we’ll look them up on youtube and she’ll watch them swimming and eating, and truthfully doing nothing but love every second of it.

As I’ve mentioned before Wallis loves cottage cheese something fierce. Anyways, we tried a new cottage cheese and Wallis let me know “me no like new cottage cheese.” Later in the day I had forgotten about it and she was playing with this credit card so I jokingly said, “what are you going to buy?!” She replied without hesitation and with a tone “old cottage cheese.” She seriously cracks me up and she will make grocery lists for us whenever we get low on her favorite foods. At breakfast she’ll sit at the table and tell Andrew, “buy more cottage cheese, buy more yellow bananas not green (because they take too long to ripen in her opinion), buy more blueberries, raspberries, buy more yogurt, bread, hummus and buy more peanut butter.”

One of the words her dad taught her was “butt cheeks” and that’s not the word I wanted her to use – I would prefer bottom, or bum but for some reason Andrew kept saying butt cheeks and she really took to it. So now she’ll tell us to, “pinch her butt cheeks” or she’ll stand straight up in bath and say, “wash my butt cheeks” and it’s like, thanks Andrew.

As for potty training – she uses the potty every single night at bath. She stands up, asks to use her potty, sits for a bit, goes and then exclaims, “my pee YELLOW” before getting back in bath. She doesn’t like to wear a wet diaper now and so we’re having to change her a lot, and for about a month I thought she was going to refuse to wear diapers altogether, but that time has passed.

We are still following her lead. We have done nothing in regards to potty training, except buy a potty and she has made all those steps naturally herself, so we both feel confident that she gets it, she’s just not emotionally ready yet and that’s okay with us.

We don’t believe in doing rewards, bribing, timers, or charts. We’re 100% confident that she will do this when she’s ready, and shoot even if that’s not until 3, fine by me. All this potty pushing overwhelms me, I can’t imagine what it would do to a small child. And when she comes to these decisions on her own, they are so much smoother for all of us and that’s my kind of parenting, ha!

Wallis loves the snow, but only if she’s carried around in it. She does not want snow on her boots. This is her saying, “noooo” when Andrew asked her if she wanted to get down and play.

He tried anyways.


Grump face, but the sweetest of grumps.

This is the face we see more than any other, pure joy and being silly. So grateful to have these two in my life.

Most likely using tape…she loves tape.

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