December 17, (24 Months)

It has taken me longer to write this post because the holidays came fast and went faster. Wallis is officially 2 years old, and I couldn’t be enjoying this time more. I have moments where I get weepy about it all, but truthfully, I am really loving this time in her life.

I am still learning though how to have a Christmas baby and back to back gifts and then a party. It was exhausting, and I even did less this year and still managed to barely make it in time. Here’s hoping I figure it out eventually because I really do want to make that day as special as I can.

When I write these posts I always forget things Wallis is doing because there is so much that she does and I love it all…so I am going to quickly list out a few things she’s been doing for a while that I forgot to mention to round out her second year that I don’t want to forget.

  1. Wallis’ favorite colors right now are pink, yellow and blue. She has been requesting blue pants every morning for a few months now, and when she runs out of blue pants because they’re all dirty, she makes sure to let everyone know that she will be wearing blue pants the next day. Ha! Which means I better wash some, haha.
  2. One of the things she has been doing for a while that I wish so much I could capture on camera but haven’t been able to yet, is make her soft toys wave hi or bye and it’s hilarious! She’ll take piggy’s arm and wave it while saying, “bye-bye dogs or bye-bye mama” and I love it so much. She’ll also make them clap their hands and say, “yay!”
  3. Another thing she has been doing since probably 17 months old and I think I keep forgetting to mention is that she loves to have a massage. She has a bag of wooden animals and she’ll pick the animal she wants you to rub on her back. She’ll choose a bird with a specific edges and then lay on her stomach and point to her back, or she’ll get one of her wooden carrots and ask one of us to use it to massage her. She also likes to give massages with these items. Some days she only wants lotion and we’ll rub her hands and feet. But this is something that she initiated and I find it so fascinating about her because though she gives terrific hugs, Wallis never has time to really cuddle, so the fact that she stops and wants us to massage her to me is so precious.
  4. Wallis loves music but she seems to feel uncomfortable trying to sing in front of us, which I was the same way so I don’t ask her to, but some times she does the sweetest thing and I seriously cry every single time. I’ll have just finished wrapping her up in a towel after bath and have scooped her up in my arms and I’ll be singing to a song playing and she’ll just start, oooing along and I wish I could capture it because it is the most incredible sweetest thing to see her seriously trying to sing along with me but in a way she feels the most comfortable.
  5. For a bit now, every night in bath Wallis examines the veins in her wrists and then proceeds to go through a list of every person she knows asking me if they too have veins.
  6. I don’t know where she gets her very strict modesty from, but Wallis prefers I am always wearing pants and if in my underwear (having just gotten out of bed) she walks me to the closet and points to my pants saying, “mama pants more pants” and she doesn’t like me to wear v-necks. She also makes sure her dad is always wearing a shirt. She has done this for so long, I can’t even remember when it started.

As for the last 4 weeks – Wallis’ language continues to explode and she’s fully using all the “me, I, and you” now. She was doing it a little bit for a few months before, but when she turned 23 months it seemed to click and now everything is, “me too” or “me go upstairs see mama” or “mama no talk dada see me” or there’s a picture she’s found of Andrew and I from our wedding that she likes to look at and say, “dada no beard, and no me!” It’s the sweetest!

The other day she was doing something silly and I said, “did poppop teach you that?” and she replied, “poppop teach me!” Haa! Now my parents can’t deny if they’ve taught her something kind of obnoxious. The other night I heard Andrew say, “you are so beautiful Wallis” and without missing a beat Wallis replied, “MAMA TOO!”

She also, likes to go through a list of everyone that loves her. I’ll say, “Wallis who loves you?” and she’ll start listing out, mama, dada, poppop, her friend Joanna, uncle Paul, Pierre, Olive, Piggy…etc..etc…and then she finishes with, “me too!” indicating that she loves Wallis too. So sweet!

One of the sweetest moments that actually made me cry was when I was trying to explain to her why her pink elephant shoes no longer fit. Those were her favorite shoes. We had been telling her that she was going to be turning 2-years-old and she must have put it together. So as I was saying, “you are getting bigger and some of your clothes and shoes are too small now” she looked up at me with a sweet and sad expression and sighed out, “me two” while holding up 2 fingers and I said, “yes, Wallis you are turning 2 and getting bigger” and it just made sense to her but broke my heart. She still asks for her pink elephant shoes all the time. I eventually found them in red, but she’s not nearly as in love with them…blerg.

If Wallis ever hears me say ouch, she will come running so that she can kiss my boo boo so gently and it gives me the biggest smile because sometimes I’ll forget she does this and be going about what I was doing after saying ouch, and suddenly there are little lips kissing my leg or hand, and I love it so much.

Her imagination is incredible and it makes me really happy because she isn’t the best at independent play. She actually does her best independent playing when she’s pooping and then because she doesn’t want us to change her poop, she’ll play by herself for as long as we’ll let her, ha!

One of her favorite games to play right now is pretending to pick up dog poop, ha! Clearly that’s made an impact…she does help Andrew pick up dog poo and is really good at spotting them, ha! She also loves to play doctor and our days our filled with countless, “achoos!” from her and her soft toys that we must remedy as fast as possible typically with shots and lots of medicine, her favorite type of medicine to offer is pretend cottage cheese which comes in any form she chooses, some times it’s a block that she calls cottage cheese or cottage cheese tea from a tea cup…but needless to say, she still thinks about and desires cottage cheese 24/7. Ha!

Wallis wants me around all the time, often telling her dada to leave the room. I know this is typical for toddlers and as much I love that she needs me, it can feel a bit overwhelming when trying to get something done, and I haven’t quite figured out how to let her down without feeling super guilty about it. She clearly knows this about me, because every time she has to leave me to go run an errand or visit her grandparents – she refuses to give me a kiss or a cuddle goodbye and it makes me feel terrible. However, when she sees me again she’s so excited that she smothers me in cuddles and won’t let me put her down, that it makes up for her cold goodbye.

There’s so much good in this life now that Wallis is here, that I feel as though I am hovering ever so slightly above it, holding my breath with gratitude for it all.

Happy New Year and be good to yourselves in 2018!

Wallis’ reaction to seeing her party for the first time! She was amazed, ha! Wallis has been obsessed with colors since she was 17 months, so I did a “basic colors” theme birthday because I just wanted to hear her eagerly call out every single color she saw (which she did).

Last year I made 2 types of cookies, cupcakes and her cake all from scratch…this year I opted to only make cupcakes and not lose my mind. I tried a Funfetti recipe, they turned out delicious and really easy to make! The little animals I cut from the wrapping paper I used for her gifts, since I knew she’d get a kick out of them. As for my piping skills, I tried those for the first time 15 mins before the party…so yeah, they are what they are. Ha!

It might have been a simple looking event but that’s how I do things and it was just right for us. I hope to get better at balancing a Christmas birthday as the years go, but Wallis had a terrific time thanks to her favorite piggy participating in it all.

If it were not for Piggy none of these pictures would have been possible, Piggy makes Wallis feel brave, so thank you piggy. Also, I need to buy another one because if something happens to that piggy our days are numbered.

I decided in 2018 that I want to be in more pictures with Wallis. I told this to Andrew, who proceeded to take this picture…THIS IS NOT WHAT I MEANT ANDREW! Though an accurate representation of who I actually am.

This might be kind of silly but I wanted to remember it. Wallis LOVES to color but recently she’s been asking to use a pen. Some times she asks Andrew or I to draw her letters, like P for Poppop or D for Dada but recently she’s decided she wants to write them. So here she told us she wrote, “mama, dada and olive” We thought it was really cute and honestly, not too far off, huh? he he.

Another time she actually tried to write P and did a seriously impressive job. We did not help her do this, she did this all by herself. Looks like she might actually like cursive!

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