September 17, (21 Months)

I’d have to say the last 4 weeks have been tough. Wallis decided to go on a nap strike, not every single day but most of them and even the days she would nap, it was short. It meant that she was exhausted by 5 pm and her routine had to be made earlier to accommodate her lack of napping.

It has been frustrating to say the least, but we’ve stuck with her schedule in hopes that it will blow over and she will go back to her not really that great of naps that we now miss, since no nap is worse than at least 45 minutes.

She also discovered that she could pull strands of her hair out. She has only done it 3 times and she does it if she’s in a really relaxed state in her crib when she has just woken up, she’ll lay in there quietly but slowly pull strands of her hair out…it sounds terrible and trust me, when it happened the first time and Andrew walked in and she proudly handed him a tiny hairball, I flipped out inside. I thought this was the beginning of her becoming a serial killer…I mean that’s the weirdest thing she has ever done.

But I read about it and kids go through hair pulling phases and if you don’t make it into something, it usually doesn’t become something. It can be a soothing thing for them, like sucking a thumb. We stopped doing pacifiers at 19 months, and I am wondering if these two could be connected or just random…either way, she doesn’t do it often, and she does have soooooo much hair that it gets in her face a lot and annoys her. There are no bald patches or anything like that, so fingers crossed she moves through this and the naps strikes SOON!

I’ve mentioned in the past how Wallis will try every single word you say, well now it is more like every phrase/sentence…for example Andrew called me a careful lady and so Wallis loves to call me a careful lady now. She heard a woman say, good job Coco and now she’ll say, good job Coco randomly, or this other woman at the park said to her, hi cutie and she spent the rest of the time saying to all the kids and parents, hi cutie. I am always surprised at how effortlessly she can say things that she has never heard or doesn’t hear on the constant.

She holds more conversations now and she will talk to us about her day (we like to recap with her) and when she colors she’ll say what she’s coloring, it’ll be a massive blue circle but she’ll point at it and say, blue dog.

Because Andrew and I spend so much time at Home Depot – especially since finishing up the exterior of our home – Wallis, who we take with us there often believes you can get anything at Home Depot. The other day she wanted to wear blue pants but they were dirty and I told her she’d have to wait until I washed them and she replied, Home Depot buy more. When we ran out of cottage cheese she said, Home Depot buy more. When she broke some of her chalk she said, broken Home Depot buy more. Ha! Anyways, it really makes us laugh and also a tad worried how much she loves Home Depot.

She’s also been doing even more imaginative play now and I really love that. That’s the part I was looking forward to the most. The other day she kept walking up this little hill really slowly and turning around and would say bye mama but not towards me and then she’d quickly switch the spot of where she said bye mama and reply bye. It was hilarious. Then I found her randomly in the mud-room with my bee hat on and her wellies like she had places to be. She had put it altogether so perfectly, even the boots on the right feet, that I was stunned for a moment and almost opened the door like, “don’t be late!” She also appears to have an imaginary friend that only shows up when she eats eggs. She’ll take a piece of her egg put it at the corner of our dining table and start whispering to the air and then she’ll eat it.

She has gotten WAY more vocal about the food she wants to eat. Prior she was vocal about what she didn’t want to eat, but now she is vocal about what she does and let me tell you, girl is going through a Siggi’s yogurt phase like it is LIFE OR DEATH. I have never been more intimated by her then when she wants her SIGGI’S which she will yell if she thinks you’re about to tell her no, or if you do tell her no her fist will clinch as she turns red and places her feet firmly in front of the open fridge door not budging until I pull down a cup of Siggi’s. It’s the no sugar whole milk one, so it takes your teeth with it when you eat it, but mercy does she love it. She only gets it once a day because I don’t want some dairy junky but still, I have not mastered parenting there well..I am her Siggi’s enabler and she knows it.

She really likes to dip her food too…now she has been doing this for a long time, but it still cracks me up. She wants a variety of choices and she’ll dip her tofu in her squash dish or her strawberries in her hummus, or she’ll sprinkle some of her dinner in her yogurt…she comes up with some pretty funky combinations but if she’ll eat it, I am happy for her to do it.

She loves to put the dishes away in the morning with one of us, and will talk about each item she’s putting away by name.

Probably the sweetest and most proud moment I had this month was, she had a doctor’s appointment and I assume, like most parents, I dread them. We talked to Wallis all about her appointment, but we still had no idea how it would actually go and she did AMAZING! Like who is this kid amazing?!

First, she had to have wax removed from one of her ears (ick) and sat on my lap like no problem, and then she had to have 2 shots and that’s when I always start to panic inside…but all she did was let out little whimpers, and as the doctor left Wallis quietly said, bye doctor. It was the sweetest most heartbreaking moment…man she kills my heart. 

She could not be a more loving, thoughtful, and intuitive being and I am so so amazed by her every single day…except when it comes to her Siggi’s – then it’s like a lion that just discovered the cage was open.

Talking about end of season care for the garden. Wallis wants more rocks, Pierre wants more hydrangeas to pee on.

Wallis LOVES to tinker with and build things, she is so patient with herself while doing it too. She loves using real tools. Her and dada put the wheels on this outdoor cabinet for me.

Daily garden visit.

The light of my life.

Pointing at the “kids” when they get off the school bus. She loves to wave at them and say, “hi kids.” ha!

Wellies are the most fun because they come off easy.

Winter Water Factory shoot with my wee bear.

Most of the time she’s the most stylish person I know…I am typically unbathed, looking like a sack of potatoes next to her.

With the cooler days coming, the chalk days of summer will be behind us soon. She will miss it, I will NOT miss washing it off her clothes, and entire body.

A beekeeper in distress! Olive took her wellies.


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    Nana Jo
    October 7, 2017 at 5:16 am

    Another month of precious photos! I can hardly wait ti share some Siggi’s with Wallis and visit Home Depot!!

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