August 17, (20 Months)

Today I found Wallis in my closet looking through my clothes saying, “tash (trash) tash, tash.” Wallis also LOVES to point out all of my “moes” moles. She’s really starting to affect my self-esteem. Ha!

Wallis is also obsessed with our wedding bands. She makes sure we always have them on, and if we don’t, she makes us go get them. She has now started wearing her pacifier as her “ring” and every morning she points to each of our rings, and now to her “ring” and yes, she puts it on the correct finger.

And the other night I heard from Wallis’ bedroom, “no more nya (Enya) dada.” So I’m glad someone finally told Andrew! Ha!

I have a hundred stories like that every month and I wish I could remember them all, Wallis remains the funniest person I have ever met and I still can’t believe she’s 20 months. Wallis has always been independent but the last 4 weeks has given me even more of glimpse of what’s to come.

She picks out her clothes now, pushes my hands away and says, no mama any time I’m trying to spot her while she’s doing something I feel is a bit dangerous. She loves to run up our porch stairs saying “up down up down” and does a lot of unbeknownst to her yoga poses while making sure she can still wave at us from whichever angle she’s contorted herself into.

Like I’ve said for the past few months Wallis loves to wave and say hi to the neighbors and the cars that pass by our home, but the other day I realized that she’s basically like a mini celebrity around her, ha! I was on the porch with her and people were practically falling out of their windows to wave back to her, they were prepared to see her and were super bummed when I waved back when she wasn’t ready to…what can I say, I am not the one they are there to see. It’s so sweet and warms my heart to see that kind of goodness, because lately (with all the news) I haven’t felt much warmth.

I know I’ve said this many times before, but Wallis is always paying attention and notices the slightest of changes, because of this her memory is stunning, quite literally stunned by the length of time that will have passed, but she will not have forgotten a single detail. I will have to rack my mind sometimes to figure out what she’s talking about fast enough, or she will get frustrated. She’s like come on parents, keep up and I’m telling you, we can’t, ha!

I forget this sometimes and try to show her things in an adult way, over zealous and by the book. The other day she was coloring and I said, “let’s draw a circle” and I went to show her, even though I know Wallis knows what a circle is, but I was adulting the moment when she grabbed a red crayon and started drawing large and small circles madly all over her paper as though she was racing to get past the lesson I was mumbling out.

When she was finished, I sat there looking at those circles thinking to myself, “I will never underestimate her again” and that piece of paper full of fervent circles will hang on my wall to remind me of this every day. She might be from my body, but she is very much of her own will.

When Wallis feels a breeze she will look up at the trees and wave her hand in a slow rhythmic motion in the way she sees the leaves moving while saying, ooh…aah having loved trees as far as I can remember, I so enjoy watching her pause to love them too.

Wallis’ love for airplanes (apanes) is magical. The other day an old plane kept flying past our house, so I’d lift her up as high as I could and her little hand would wave vigorously towards the big blue sky.
Each time I wondered about the pilot and if he could see that tiny hand and did it make him as happy as it did me…I like to think it did.

She also loves the paint shop, the recycling and the garbage truck. She especially loves bringing the bins back in, and squeals with delight when it’s time to do so. And if there’s any doubt when something goes missing, all you have to do is ask where it is and she’ll say, tash (trash).

She has been making me read this recipe book to her every evening after dinner. The hilarious thing is, she’s never even had ice cream…but apparently, if she did, it would be the greatest day of her life. She points to all the chocolate flavors and says, no poo poo because she thought it was poo the first time we read the book. We have to go through each page, and on the index page she will point to most of the tiny letters and say what they stand for like, M is for mama. D is for dada kind of thing, ha!

She knows her colors too, but really enjoys finding pink and yellow. When she gets a color wrong, it’s so adorable, if she calls something blue that was actually green…she’ll pause for a moment and then say to herself, no bue or no bue, geen. I like watching her catch herself, or seeing her mind catch up, it is incredible how hard that little mind is working all day.

Wallis blows kisses but her favorite thing to do is to kiss the air and then say to whom the kiss is meant for, so she’ll smooch at the air and say, mama or dada or pop-pop. I love it so much. Wallis says some pretty big words, so I am convinced that she can actually say Grandma but because her grandma has been so pushy with wanting her to say it, she only responds with a sly smile when grandma is mentioned. I keep telling my mom to stop pushing it, but you can’t tell that lady anything.

Wallis has also started to say her own name and refer to herself a lot, she says Wallis more like Ninnis with the first N being kind of drawn out, ha! It’s not an easy name to say, but she knows the letter W stands for Wallis.

For the last few months Wallis has demanded that only I pick her up after bath, wrap her tightly in her towel and carry her like a newborn to the guest room (where we get her ready for the night since there’s a bed in there to lay her down) I absolutely love it and walk as slow as I can to that bedroom kissing her sweet wet skin over and over. Then I’ll lay her down and say, you’re in a cocoon and she’ll say “cuckoo” and then I’ll open the towel and say, now you’re a butterfly while she stretches her arms wide. She loves it, and I have to do it over and over again.

I know these blog posts are probably not as exciting for everyone else as they are for me, but I try so hard to cram every last detail from the month in them, so I can remember it always. Or what’s the purpose of this blog…the last thing I would like to add is that when you ask Wallis to sing, she will. She will sing with her whole heart (not loudly, but truly trying) and when she does it, I have to hold the beaming light inside my chest so it doesn’t burst through and embarrass her, I am so happy.

20 months old and only 4 months until she’s 2 years old!! Where did those two years go? Excuse me while I go cry into a pillow.

Andrew and I have been so busy working on the exterior of our property, that I didn’t take any pictures of Wallis this month, so we decided to take a few after church. It is also a sneak peek at our newly painted (by me) porch! Yay! So much still to do but we’re getting there! YAYAYA!!!!

Wallis really likes to sweep our porch, but what she loves more is making one of us sweep while she points to the spots we’ve missed, ha!

Wallis looking for the dogs…this would have been sweeter if Andrew wasn’t Ghost of Christmas pastin’ it in the window.

Wallis’ thinking face.

This picture KILLS me, she looks SO old in it…but also that’s a genuine happy smile there and that makes me so happy to see.

This is what Wallis really looks like most of the time…running with glee.

What? You don’t pull a Simba in your flower garden?

Love this so much and Wallis loved Andrew doing this, she kept asking for more but his arms were getting pretty shaky. ha!

Wallis smelling the flowers, she loves to do this every single day.

Wallis REALLY smelling the flowers…ha!

Picking a tiny flower on a flower. She’s the best best best of our life.

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