July 17, (19 Months)

Last month flew by and here we are, 19 months…I can’t believe it.

Since Wallis loves to be outside, Andrew and I DIY’d a tiny play area for her, so that she had a safe space to do whatever she pleased. We cleared out space on our property, laid down weed prevention cloths, and covered it in large mulch. We then got a few plastic things, which wasn’t easy for me as I am not a fan of plastic, but knowing how quickly Wallis moves through activities, we didn’t want to invest too much too fast.

We got her a small slide, pool, sandbox and picnic table. She has had a lot of fun, and it really breaks up the day for us. She likes to sit at her picnic table that is just her size and drink her smoothies and eat some snacks. Then she’ll go splash in the pool or try to fill the pool up with sand (enter all the eye rolls here). She refuses to go down the slide normally (having accomplished that the first day) and prefers to go stomach down or head first (more eye rolls).

She listens for planes, trains, and helicopters. Calls to all the birds, swats at all the bugs, and loves to get wet. I have so enjoyed watching all of her independent play and imagination unfold. There’s something slightly freeing watching her entertain herself – only looking up to acknowledge that I too heard the plane, or saw her dumping handfuls of sand.

We also got her a bike, but clearly, as it goes with Wallis, we were late and she’s over that stage of her life when a toddler bike would have been interesting…instead she tries to use it as a scooter. We plan to get her something else, but it amazes me how truly active and fearless she is.

There is not a word that we say that Wallis doesn’t attempt to say also, and I have to admit, I really love that about her. It catches me off guard with how well she pronounces words. The funniest thing that happened this month is that my brother, David came to visit for an afternoon. He doesn’t visit often, so Wallis is not a fan of his, she is extremely stand-offish around him and quiet. She usually sits in my lap with her head buried until he’s out of sight. She’s gotten better, but not much better. After his last visit though, as he was leaving I said, “bye David” and without missing a beat she said, “bye Day-did” and after he was long gone, she spent the rest of the day saying, “bye Day-did, bye Day-did” and it made my day! It also made my brother’s day, who is quite desperate for Wallis to love him. Ha! I have a feeling though Wallis will never say “hi Day-did” as much as she enjoys saying “bye Day-did” tee hee.

I wish I could capture her talking more on camera, but it’s rare that I can – Wallis is not a fan of the camera and clams up the moment I bring it out. I don’t mind that about her though – I like that she feels safe around Andrew and I to be very talkative and try new words – but that she takes her time around everyone else. Though she still does say and wave “hi” to every single car that drives by, and we’re always shocked at her momentary friendliness.

We bought Wallis a wooden camera last month and she carries it around a lot (you’ll see). She really loves our camera, so I wanted her to have something to take pictures with while I was taking pictures. I’m so glad I did, because she was thrilled. She immediately put it around her neck, started making a clicking sound (because she hears the clicking sound my camera makes) while taking her pictures, and then she flipped the camera over to show me the picture. It was another moment that I realized how much she notices, because I never showed her any of this.

Wallis has also started to whistle and it is surprisingly really good and drives Olive mad. Olive can not figure out where that sharp pitched sound is coming from, and Wallis is just lost in her own world whistlin’ away…we’re going to let them figure that one out, but it makes us laugh.

Wallis is showing some serious interest in going to the potty, so we’re going to introduce a mini potty this month. We’re not going to make it into anything and let her lead the way. She’s always let us know after she’s had a poo by doing a stinky sign, but last month she made it clear, walking right up to us pointing at her diaper and saying “poo poo” that we needed to change it. She loves to come in the bathroom with me, and she’ll squat like I am on the toilet and pretend to pee and then grab a piece of toilet paper for herself. She then flushes the toilet, and tells my business “bye.” We have an open bathroom policy around this house (sorry I raised by a nurse) – nothing grosses me out.

We are totally unprepared for potty training, so this will be quite the adventure…we’re not going to do any tricks or anything fancy, we’re just going to work at Wallis’ readiness, and nothing more, but I still feel sad and kind of freaked out about it all.

Wallis has never been attached to any of her soft toys, except the llama she calls “llama mama” that she sleeps with and gives kisses to before bed (I know she kills my heart) – but lately she’s taken to at least taking the temperature of her other soft toys and worrying over their overall health.

She likes to try all the camera angles.

We’re in the process of scraping and painting the entire exterior of our old home, that’s why it looks like this.

She’s taking pictures of the birds, then grass, then more birds.

Checking out the picture she took. She is mighty but she is still so tiny, and delicious!

Looking for her dogs…I love when she’s on her tip toes.

I hope I never forget that when I finish singing a song to Wallis, she will sweetly say, “more!” It’s quite the confidence booster, and one I doubt will stick around as she gets older.

This is the bike that she prefers to sit on, or tries to use as a scooter…but riding it, well that’s just too boring. Blerg.

Taking a picture of the bell, her favorite part of the bike.

Taking a picture of dada outside with the dogs. I feel like I should explain why she’s always wearing a braid…it’s the only thing she won’t rip out of her hair, and she has SO MUCH hair…so braid!

For father’s day I got pop-pop and Wallis matching bee shirts…they also share similar shaped bellies in them, ha!

Pictures pictures pictures.

Helping me in the garden…and yes, she wants to carry the biggest watering can I own…love her so.

This was a shoot I did for work, but I love her so much in it…she loved being at the water stepping on rocks, collecting shells and looking for tiny fish.





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