Olive, 3 Years Old

Olive’s birthday was actually in May and we had a lot of fun, but it has taken me forever to write about her, and I really like to write about our dogs. They truly are our family, and have been such goodness in our lives, that just like with Wallis, there are moments I never want to forget with them…so I write.

Olive is still such a puppy – bulldogs are known to mature slowly and it isn’t until they are typically around 3 that they have finally reached some kind of maturity…it will always be hard to tell with a french bulldog as they truly are such gorgeous clowns.

Olive can no longer bear to be left out of any playtime with Wallis…she turned 3 years old and has put her paw down that she MUST be upstairs if we are having a good time. She’ll bark and bark downstairs if she hears us playing, and it has been driving us a bit batty, but like I said, she is still a puppy herself and she wants to be in on the fun, so we typically oblige.

Letting Pierre and Olive roam freely in the house is easier said than done, though I’ve tried many times, but closing them upstairs when we’re upstairs or vice versa has worked the best for them (too many reasons to explain). It also prevents them from having a sneak vomit, which only happens occasionally, but always on my carpet…never the floors even though our house is 95% wood floors.

Olive is the most loving of spirits. She is gentle when she needs to be gentle, but silly, sassy and mischievous all at the same time, and my heart could not be more filled with love for her. She is the loudest dog we have ever have, her whining sounds like a frog croaking, and though her snoring is very loud, loud enough to startle Andrew and I awake, her yawning might just take the cake as the most dramatic loudest sound you’ve ever heard. She loves to sleep on her back, especially in the sun, which brings so much delight to Wallis, who likes to go over and give her belly a tickle.

While Pierre begs as though his life depends on it, Olive takes the calm and stable approach. She waits patiently for a treat or something to fall, and is often rewarded faster than Pierre as his antics often interfere with his treat catching technique. It is as though Olive has observed that she does always get something, so why waste the energy, unlike Pierre who has the memory of Dory.

Olive is not terribly fussy, but she does demand fresh water at every meal, hates to have her nails trimmed, and hides when it is her bath time. Her favorite game is tug of war with her rope, and she can convince anyone to play with her, though her favorite playmate is Pierre, who she can run circles around driving him nuts. She’s the fastest stockiest little thing, who looks like a mad grizzly bear from behind.

Olive has terrible luck with bees though, and has been stung 3 times already this year. She has a pretty violent reaction to bee stings, and even though I tell myself she will be okay, I typically end up sobbing as we head to the vet for treatment. She still hates gnats something fierce, I have never known a dog to hate gnats as much as Olive.

Olive is a natural nurturer. Not only did she help our broken hearts when Addis passed, especially Pierre’s – she truly loves and worries over Wallis. The other day Wallis had an epic tantrum – it surprised us all, but I think Wallis really needed to express some feelings she was having maybe that day, or maybe they had been building, regardless, Olive and I sat on the bathroom floor – me holding Wallis (who wanted to be held) and Olive nudged up as close as she could be to us both as Wallis worked out her feelings over not being able to have my phone. Olive stayed the whole time, patiently and lovingly waiting for Wallis to calm down.

As I sat there holding Wallis I watched how Olive’s eyes rested on Wallis darting back to mine from time to time, and how her breathing was steady but unsettled, because she too felt as I did, and we both found relief in Wallis calming down. You should know, Pierre slept through the whole thing. Olive has been like this from the moment we brought Wallis home, and it has soothed my heart often to see that love and know she’s there for that extra support I never even knew I needed as a new mom.

Happy Birthday Olive – you are still, and always will be the healing love in our lives. We love you so much.

This happens every single morning.

Such a handsome gorgeous girl!

I seriously have a thousand outdoor shots of Olive like this, because this is how she is the whole time…she’s impossible to take pictures of outside, ha!

Cat watch.

When you have a bulldog most of them have dry noses, so Olive’s nose could always look better (and often does) than this, but she hates it when we put the nose butter on, so I try not to do it too often. A crusty nose is not painful, it’s just not as glamorous, ha!

That’s peanut butter all over her nose because it isn’t easy eating creamy things when we have a flat face…I want to kiss that sweet face over and over.


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