June 17, (18 Months)

Well here we are, 18 months…when Wallis turned 12 months, 18 months seemed faraway and now it’s here and I feel equally emotional about it. I know that might seem silly, but half of another year has officially passed.

I know 18 months is suppose to be the month that there’s a big language boom, so I am really looking forward to that, but I started noticing some serious changes last month too. Not a huge change but enough to realize that Wallis really is moving into the real deal toddlerhood and fast. Her language continues to expand – I counted 45 plus words the last time I checked, and it’s been awesome seeing her connect them into two word sentences, that’s been one of my favorites so far.

One of her favorite new words is logo, because Andrew often wheres a shirt for work that has his job’s logo on it, and when she points at it he’ll say “logo” and now she’s obsessed with finding logos on shirts, ha!

She’s also kind of learning her alphabet and that’s not something I’ve been pushing – just from talking in the bath, but it was funny the other night I picked up the letter “N” and I hadn’t talked about that one yet, and I said, “N is for…” and I paused because I couldn’t think of a word in that moment that would be relatable to her, so I finished randomly with, “nuts” but as I was saying it she replied, “nana” with a sly smile. Which is her word for banana, and I thought that was pretty clever.

When Andrew does bedtime, he forgets Wallis’ paci pretty regularly – so he’s left rushing with her back downstairs ultimately interrupting the bedtime routine, it drives me nuts but apparently it also drives Wallis nuts, because the other night as they were headed upstairs for the night, Wallis kept saying “no dada no dada” but Andrew wasn’t getting it, so she then turned her mouth into an O shape and pointed at it showing him not to forget the paci! haa!

She does stuff like that all the time and reminds me on the daily how MUCH she’s been paying attention, and how I really need to stop saying bad words (eek!). So far so good there.

I would say if Andrew and I have done anything right so far, it’s that Wallis LOVES books and being read to. We can not read to her enough, and being the children’s literature lover that I am, it does my heart well to see it. I hope we can keep nurturing it in the right way, so it continues forever.

When I owned my children’s store (half of it I made into a toddler to young adult bookstore) and there was this young boy that use to come in and for his birthday or for Christmas he’d have a list of books he wanted. His mom would complain that if he’d just wait a bit longer they could check them out at the library because he devoured the books too quickly and it was a waste of money to her, but I remember thinking, “that’s a complaint I hope to have about my kid someday.” So we’ll see…I just might get the chance.

Wallis also loves to be outdoors, if she could stay outside all day she would. She’s so fair skin that I have become a pro at applying sunscreen, but also, how annoying is sunscreen? She’s been practicing her jumping and running laps outside and in our house like someone is chasing her, round and round she goes cackling with laughter…and yet, she still barely gives me a 90 minute nap…most of the time 60. Blerg.

Wallis started giving us a hard time about some of the food she will and will not eat all of a sudden. It has varied, some days she loves a dish and then when given the same dish another time, she refuses it. It has kept me on my toes, and I realized she had become the most picky at lunchtime, so instead of going crazy because I was starting to – I started a barebones approach to lunch, and have pared it down to all her easy to make healthy favorites. It has actually turned out to be a good thing for both of us, because I found lunchtime to be kind of stressful myself.

She feeds herself entirely now, but we have yet to fully master drinking from a cup…that typically ends in disaster but she has fun trying, and I have no issues with spilled water.

Since Andrew and I are pretty introverted and we live far enough out, it’s hard to find activities to do, so Wallis has led a pretty quiet life so far, but I enjoyed this last month so much, and am getting more and more excited to show her things. I found myself missing her at night and daydreaming about all the stuff I want to show her.

It really does get better and better, but it never stops feeling like your heart might give from the loss of time and the pushing forward of youth. You can’t help but miss it.

Watching her talk just makes me smile…everything about her is soft and precious.

Trying to convince my honey to sell my honey…she was not convinced.

Still trying.

One last attempt, but message received Wallis.

Back to coloring…

I was doing a shoot for my job so that’s why she’s matching her crib sheet, but also…a mouth full of teeth on someone so small always makes me smile.

She rarely uses her paci anymore, except for naps and bedtime…but some mornings she likes the extra comfort, and I still think it’s funny how her paci is practically the same size as her face.

Christmas pjs in summer, bedhead with fruit and cereal dried in it from breakfast, her demanding dogs…every Sunday morning right here.

Post nap daze, red cheeks, and sweetness.

She’s pointing to her boo boo, a boo boo she keeps messing with and making the longest lasting boo boo ever (enter eye roll).

18 months going on 5 years.

My favorite scowl.

We got Wallis a kitchen for her half birthday…we’d like to keep up the tradition of getting her something for her half birthday because I have a feeling being a Christmas baby is going to have its low points.

Filming her reaction to it all, she was stunned and sooo happy!

Finding more hidden items.

Watering is her jam…any kind of watering or water or being sprayed with water, jumping in water, smearing water…you name it, as long as it has water in it Wallis is game!

One of my new favorites of her.

Watering one of our newest plants…just her size.

She really enjoyed spraying us too.

Daily garden walks and bug pokes.

Monkey see monkey do.



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