April, 17 (16 Months)

It has been a bit since I have felt this discouraged as a parent and of course it has to do with sleep…sleep deprivation is damaging to any persons outlook, but add the need to keep up with a toddler 24/7 that is causing the sleep deprivation, and it all feels never-ending.

Honestly, April has been a crap month. We had dog issues, bee issues, and major sleep regression issues, sweet mercy everything always happens at the same exact time…why don’t really good things happen like that?

The last month started off poorly, very poorly. The day Wallis turned 15 months everything went boom. She started waking up in the middle of the night hysterically crying. When we’d go in to settle her she’d climb us like a monkey and refuse to be put down.

She went through a similar period when she had turned 12 months that I wrote about here, and what lead to us losing our minds for a bit. Well it was as if we’d hit a reset button, but worse. She was fierce and unmoving. She would not budge, she would NOT fall back to sleep.

We’ve spent nearly 4 weeks getting barely 2 hours of sleep a night trying our hardest not to lose our minds. She’s been keeping one eye on us at all times, so we’ve spent a few nights taking turns sleeping on her floor or we’d be standing there all night putting her back down to sleep over and over and over again, but even with that, she’ll wake every 30 minutes and it will start all over again. She’ll eventually pass out with one arm reaching out of her crib for us or tightly gripped around one of our fingers. It has been heartbreaking and maddening to witness and experience.

You would think with how little sleep she’s been getting she would be mellow, or at least take longer naps…NOPE not Wallis! She acts as though she is getting a full nights rest and forget about longer naps, she’s made them shorter! Enter all the eye rolls and exasperated sighs.

We couldn’t figure out what was happening. Of course we could see that it was another round of separation anxiety and teething, but we’re pretty sure it’s her 18 month sleep regression arriving 3 months early, and the 18 month regression is supposed to be horrible.

I know that seems silly to think it could be happening 3 months early, but Wallis has always been early with everything. And there’s nothing out there that really helps parents with children that do most everything early. All I could find were parents asking if their early milestone children were geniuses…really people? All I want to know is, will we be going through this again in 3 months or are we through it?! Ha!

She is getting her canines and has for sure been in a lot of pain with them, I had no idea they would be this painful, she handled her first molars better. So needless to say, its most likely teething that has reset all of our sleep training efforts and possibly she is early yet again…you never know as a parent. Everything is everything that’s everything, but dang is it exhausting.

I realize so much of this will seem pointless to me one day and I will wonder why did I fret enough to write this down in a blog post, but when you’re going through it, it’s all-consuming. At least she’s always in a pretty good mood though despite her sleeping woes and I am grateful for that. She really pushes herself and Andrew tells me watching her is a lot like watching me, ha! However, I really do wish she preferred to chill more.

It has been so fun watching her language develop…except if we get too excited about it, she won’t say the word again. For example, a few weeks ago we were in the bath and she said “bubble” as clear as day and it took me off guard and I was impressed and praised her and tried to get her to say it again, but she refused. I told Andrew about it and he tried to get her to say it, but she refused. Finally when I had decided that maybe I had imagined it (a week later) she was sitting in the bath again – this time Andrew was also there and she just casually said it again.

We played it much cooler this time around and just mouthed to each other SEE! She did the same thing with Andrew but with the word brown, he got excited and then she refused to say it again until a few days later when I was coloring with her and she requested the “bown” crayon. Anyways, I have a lot of stories like that, so I’ll save you the telling of each one, but she really does like to mess with us.

One thing that she does that really makes me laugh, is that anytime I wear a v-neck t-shirt, she thinks it’s broken and says with great concern, “uh oh, uh oh” as she tries to fix it pulling the shirt back together, haa!

She also does this hilarious darn it face if I close a door before she can close it or a cupboard, oh I love it! She’ll scrunch up her entire face and go, “Oooohhhh!” She yells “ddooogggg” so loud whenever she sees our neighbors walking one, that they can hear her from inside our house and start oddly looking around to see where that tiny voice came from, and when we ask her how strong are you she’ll show us her muscles and tightly gripped fists (but refuses to do it on camera).

Her imaginary play is starting to really kick in. So much so, that you can really startle her while she’s in the middle of it, ha! I love watching it though, it’s better than any movie I’ve ever seen. She has two ducks that we use for bath time and she had them have an entire conversation, and I was hooked…what are these two ducks plotting?!

She loves to walk around knocking on doors in the house waiting for us to say “who is it?” and when we’re outside she has started to wave and say HI to all the cars/neighbors that go by which I have no idea where she’s getting that friendly streak from, and boy if it’s a garbage truck, we can’t get to the windows fast enough.

The other day she brought me a live stink bug clasped between her pincer grasp and I shrieked, knocking it from her hand. After, I panicked thinking, great now I’ve made her afraid of bugs – nope not Wallis, she giggled at my response and now stink bugs are her FAVORITE bug. She points them out in her bug book and makes a stinky face and giggles. Of course she does.

She does a spider impression (with her hands), gorilla, dog, and train, but now when we drive over hills, she puts her arms up and says, wheeee! Basically, anything we take for granted in life is the best thing ever when she does it, ha! Praying 16 months proves to be a better month for sleep.

I wasn’t able to get any pictures this month because I traded my camera in for a new one, and it still hasn’t arrived. So I borrowed a camera for Easter, thus lots of Easter pics! Yay!

You can see the garden is just starting to come alive…and though we had Easter at my parents – I wanted a few shots at our house.

The eggs were hard to open, but boy did she try. Dad decided to step in and help her with a few, ha!

This will be one of my favorites forever…the moment she saw what was inside her egg…tiny graham crackers. Her first time having them. Oh I love her so!

She took some time to decide what to do with her tiny treasures.

Scuffed shoes, bruised legs, and being silly – Wallis I could not love you more.

She kept bringing the eggs to mama, ha!

We weren’t sure how a 15-month-old would do at the egg hunting part, but Wallis caught on quickly and found many of the eggs herself, that was so much fun to watch! She really loved it and we loved watching her tiny body carry that basket.

The coloring is a bit off in this picture and it makes her look rather pale…but I loved her little stance and those chubby cheeks! I could kiss them all day!!

This picture was taken at my parent’s house. It was a VERY windy Easter…but after she had found all of her eggs, she walked over to her basket and did this little pose, haa!

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  • Reply
    April 24, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    Lovely Easter photos! The only missing piece is Tiffany. ? And of course the bullies! ?

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      May 7, 2017 at 4:04 pm

      Thank you! I know I know, I need to be in more pictures 😉 the bullies would have tried to eat the wooden eggs, ha!

  • Reply
    May 7, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    The Easter photos are so darling! I love her little dress. I hope May will be a better month of sleep for you. It’s funny, I often think that age was my favorite with my daughter, but I think I’ve just blocked out the hard times. She just turned 3 and has been sleeping like a newborn the last few nights. It is crazy though that no matter how bad of a night they have, they’re always perky and happy in the morning!

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      May 8, 2017 at 2:25 pm

      Thank you so much Joy, very sweet of you to say! So far May has indeed been better and yes, I think as parents the only way we survive is that our minds make sure we forget, ha! I am constantly amazed at how surprised I am to be going through something I have already gone through before…I hope your wee one gives you a break soon. 🙂

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