February, 17 (14 Months)

The last 4 weeks have been a compilation of wonderful and oh no another leap. Wallis’ vocabulary is exploding! She knows more than 15 words at this point and likes to put them together. So if Andrew is taking the dog’s out, she’ll say, bbyyee. dada. dog. or if Olive has one of her balls she’ll say, ball. dog. noo. She has a bit of a southern drawl, it’s adorable. But probably one of the best moments was when we had this song called More Moles playing, she really likes it and it goes, more moles digging holes, more moles. She started dancing and sing/saying, mo moes and we lost it! It was amazing. Haa!

If only I had, had my camera on! She is beyond aware of the camera now and anytime I pull out my phone she wants it immediately, so it’s getting harder and harder to film her, ugh! We’ll just need to use our actual nice camera more.

Wallis basically says mama all day long, or she yells it up the stairs if she’s downstairs. She’ll yell, maaaaaaa in this kind of raspy truck driver voice and it really is hilarious. She likes to lay her head down on things and say, “nigh nigh” and climb the stairs (with us always behind her of course). If we want her to do something she doesn’t want to do, she’ll say quite emphatically, uh, noo. and jerk away from us….which is really cute if you were to watch it, but also, yikes.

She knows a lot of her body parts (nose, eyes, mouth, belly, knees, toes..etc..) and her favorite is her belly or anyone’s belly, as she tries to lift our shirts often to look. This has lead to a few awkward moments in the grocery line.

She understands so much more though than she can even say, that it constantly freaks Andrew and I out. We’ll suggest quite lengthy instructions, and she’ll just go and do them, and we’ll look at each other like, woah…how does she know that already. We ask her to turn on/off the lights and she goes and pushes the buttons (which are on the floor) and makes sure all the lights are one. We’ll request specific books for her to bring to us and she does. We ask her to clean up her room, and she does. She’s not gentle of course everything gets thrown into its basket…she really is a wee viking. I could ramble on with more examples, because it really is crazy how much babies (toddlers?) are picking up without being able to communicate it fully.

When Andrew and I are bickering (which we try very hard not to do in front of her), she leans over and puts her face in the face of the person who is being stern, and does this specific type of laugh trying to lighten the mood and get that specific person to laugh too – it’s the most heartbreaking endearing thing ever, and we realize often how truly thoughtful and sensitive Wallis is to what is happening around her.

We also tell ourselves whenever it happens, that we MUST not bicker in front of her. I believe some negative emotions between parents are good for kids to witness, but we never want her to feel like she needs to “make it better” – that was my role growing up and trust me, not happening.

She is very affected by me though, and that’s something that is truly powerful as a parent to experience. If I am with her, she’s very shy around everyone and sticks close to me, hiding in my arms or behind my legs, even people she knows well, but if I am not there, she’ll actually warm up.

The other day I fell down the stairs and she saw it, and before I could even let out how much I had just hurt myself, Wallis cried out, OH mama mama! and burst into tears. She was so worried about me, I had to rush/limp over to her to calm her down before it escalated, but it totally shattered my heart to see her express herself so beautifully with love.

She wants to feed herself with utensils and though she’s always liked doing that – last month it turned from being something cute she did some times, to something dramatic if she didn’t have a spoon in her hand when she wanted it. It’s adorable to watch (and messy) but she’s pretty good at it.

Wallis really is an adventurous eater, and Andrew likes to sing my praises about this as much as he can, which really embarrasses me. He is convinced because I’ve made her so many different types of meals with spices/herbs from the very beginning, is the reason she loves to eat and eat well. I am not as convinced…I usually err on the side of caution, this might just be Wallis and the next baby won’t be adventurous no matter what I do. But it has been a lot of work and a ton of cooking, so I am glad to see that she’s so responsive to it.

She loves to eat curry, pita and hummus, spinach with green beans quinoa and mint, beets with yogurt and dill, pears with rosemary, turmeric in her lentils, coconut yogurt with fruit or goat yogurt and prunes, she loves a side of lightly fried tofu or extra sharp cheddar cheese with anything…etc…etc…we have a lot of fun, but I don’t want you to think she just gobbles down her food and every day is this magical eating experience. It isn’t. She has good days and frustrating ones, so I don’t want anyone to feel bad reading this, if they’re having food issues with their little ones.

It was important to me that Wallis experienced vegetarianism in the way it is meant to be from the beginning of her food intro, but don’t let me give the impression that it has been easy – I have spent soooo many late late evenings cooking/freezing and trying to manage it all. It’s pretty crazy to go from cooking for two old bodies to a brand new one, ha! It was so overwhelming and stressful for me at first, but I spent a lot of time researching and figuring out how I wanted to do it and the recipes that would work – I’ve had to reinvent my method a few times as she’s gotten older, but we’re getting there. I don’t feel “there” yet because we’re still not consistently eating all together and I guess I see that as the measure of success, when it comes to cooking for your family. I can be pretty hard on myself about it, but I’m still learning.

Wallis now has 12 teeth and looks like more are on the way, so she was teething when she also hit her latest leap and that meant a week of her waking up at night and taking nearly 3 hours to get back to sleep. I have to remind myself when it’s over that it was only a few days because when you’re going through it, it feels like 6 months has past and you’re dying. When they say raising a child is the longest shortest time…it truly is.

Probably the biggest issue this month was something I caused…I cut her hair and she instantly became 25. I was so tired of dealing with her hair. Anyone that has had a child born with a full head of hair, that by the time they were 13 months old, it had grown past their shoulders, I know can relate. Wallis also hates to wear hair clips, or anything in her hair. She’ll pull it out and hand it to me no matter how secure I make it, so it meant her hair was always getting tangled and dragged through whatever she was doing. Washing and combing it night after night was making my brain sag, and I had finally had a enough one night…but what I didn’t calculate for was how much curl Wallis has when her hair is wet. So what I thought was about two inches of hair turned into a super short bob! It just bounced up and I stood there shocked…I even cried about it. Which sounds really stupid, but I felt like I had ruined everything, and now the tiniest 25-year-old is walking around my house. At one point she even picked up a piece of her chopped locks and said, Oh noooo, no no. Exactly Wallis. Exactly. In two weeks, we’ll forget this ever happened…okay Wallis?

When you’ve spotted the perfect rock!

Trying to photograph this wild thing is one of my greatest challenges.

When you want all the shells but your hands are too small. Wallis is obsessed with picking up all the rocks, sticks and shells she sees, we can not go anywhere, and our walks move so slowly because there are so many rocks, sticks and shells to pick up.

My heart resting on a rock, the two loves of my life.

I love this picture…but it is another example that I might never see her face again, until she has collected every single last stick.

This took a lot of effort on my part to get her to look up, and even then her expression was like “do you have a stick?”

Wallis’ first haircut by her mother…we honestly think it suits her well. My mom calls her an English rose because of her complexion, hair color, and that her grand-dad is Welsh. She really is the sweetest wee love, and I’d let her have all the sticks in the world if it meant time would slow down.

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    Those photos make it all worthwhile! ?
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    love her haircut! she is just the sweetest thing! xo

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