December 16, Wallis

I thought it might fun to post my favorite images of Wallis from each month as a sweet overview of our month together, and a nice way to remember, since I feel like the days are just blurring together. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to spam you with images of my favorite person and not have to write a thousand posts.

Technically this wasn’t Wallis’ first snow, as she’s had one before but she was barely a month old…so for her, this was her first snow and she LOVED it!

She was in her pajamas but we didn’t want it to melt, so we just threw on some things on top of them, and ran out. We were nervous she’d fall as she wasn’t use to wearing shoes, but after a few cautious steps, she just took off!

Bless the faces babies make, for they are the most terrific expressions ever. Wallis was seriously so freaking happy to be outside in the snow, this was pretty much her face the whole time.

This was our Christmas card this year, and though it looks like we took time to compose it – we had just returned with our Christmas tree and in 10 minutes I had gotten this shot. Kids have zero time for pictures, I could never do this for a living, ha!

Pretty sure Olive was behind this…

We only lost one Christmas ornament! I had put them all towards the top of the tree, but the one ornament that hung a bit lower than the rest, passed away most dramatically.

Christmas Eve early morning, and she’s using her teeth to open her gifts…pretty sure she gets that move from her pop-pop.

Reading one of her new books with Dad.

She likes to read alone too…

How we all felt by the end of 2016…

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    January 8, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    I never say “no” to photos!! Keep them coming! Love to you all 🙂

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