First Birthday, Wallis

Having a child born on a holiday comes with a few alterations to traditions, and to how you might make the day special and separate from the holiday itself. We decided that as a family we would now be celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve and Wallis’ birthday on Christmas day. I am also considering having a half-year birthday party for her every year, as to be able to invite guests and possibly distance herself a bit more from Christmas…but we’ll see, it’ll depend on how she responds to it over the years.

I didn’t grow up with elaborate birthday parties and rarely did I even actually have a party, so we won’t be doing anything over the top either. Mostly family guests and getting your favorite foods sounds about right to me 😉 Of course if she’s a super social kid, and wants to have parties, then I guess I might have to adjust my thinking…but again, we’ll see how it goes.

For her first birthday party, I did a simple floral type theme. Everything floral, with pink lemonade and all the goodies were made from scratch.

There were vanilla cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and peppermint white chocolate cookies (the only christmas like item because mama loves them), and of course her cake!

I looked a long time for a “healthy” type birthday cake. All the recipes I found looked rather dry…but I was pretty determined to make this work. The cake I decided to go with was from The Faux Martha’s first birthday cake. I guess you could say I internet knew her when…before she blew up and started doing sponsored posts for some pretty neat folks. And before I vanished from social media, she was always super sweet to me and commenting on our house progress.

My only issue was the icing was really wet, but I am pretty sure that’s because I let the cream cheese sit out a bit too long, so all I did was pop the finished cake into the fridge and it hardened up…but that’s why my icing job (on top of having poor icing skills) looks the way it does. Anyways, I am really glad I went with this cake, it was really easy to make, and though I didn’t make it nearly as pretty as Melissa made hers, nor do I understand how her icing ended up so white with maple syrup involved…because my didn’t, but it turned out well and everyone BUT Wallis really liked it. Ha!

Wallis isn’t a fan of sweet and even though this cake really wasn’t that sweet, she just wasn’t having it. She loves her savory foods…I should have given her a block of cheese with a candle in it. Also, she was very uncomfortable with everyone staring at her (there were some tears), has her first molar coming in and hadn’t been sleeping well…all of these contributed to her trying one bite and declining the rest.

I think the most hilarious part is that she insisted on using a fork…she doesn’t typically have an issue using her hands, but I don’t know, on her birthday she wanted a fork. So there was no smashing, and no hilarious cake faced baby here. I am a bit worried my passion for cleanliness has ruined her, she sure does love to help me clean up, ha!

I gave everyone a sparkler shaped like the number 1 and we went outside to celebrate the best day of our lives…it was a very sweet moment but my family is not photogenic, only Andrew and he’s not related…so no one will let me share, but it was a wonderful memory and I will treasure it always.

Pierre was so happy to attend the party, but so sad to learn it wasn’t for him. Also, my mom (grandma) made sure she was in every single picture with Wallis…she kills me.

Wallis found the light and posed for this picture, ha! Best moment of the day. Look at her leg!

I had plans to make the cupcake frosting look fancy, but ran out of time, so it was ol’faithful butter knife to the rescue.

We had sweet banners hanging up too, but Andrew took the pictures…and well, he left a lot of the simple details out…somebody was too distracted by cupcakes. I also had plans to put the cookies in nice jars, but they wouldn’t fit…blergh!

One bite and that’s all folks!

My dad and brother lighting the number 1 sparklers as the sun was setting…it was such a sweet moment! We’ve all been blessed by Wallis, and have become even closer since she arrived.

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