September 16, Wallis

I thought it might fun to post my favorite images of Wallis from each month as a sweet overview of our month together, and a nice way to remember, since I feel like the days are just blurring together. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to spam you with images of my favorite person and not have to write a thousand posts.

Somebody is climbing on everything! I love this shot because of those sweet flips and curls! When her hair is wet, it falls past her shoulders now. I am one with the detangler spray.

After bath fun with Dad! They play this game where Wallis tries to flip onto her tummy and Andrew will stop and flip her back, she lurves it. She’ll pause before completely flipping while giving him a little grin anticipating him flipping her back, oh how she swells my heart!

The teething fingers pose. Wallis’ two front teeth have finally broken through, praise em’! But now it looks like two more might be on the way…please send cookies…teething is killing us slowly.

Yes, I feel ridiculous about this picture, but I actually love it too, because I can see the bits that resemble me, the bits that resemble her Dad, and the bits that are all her own.

This picture was taken on the same day as the one of me with Wallis was. It’s funny because when my single brother asks me, “what are doing this weekend or what are your plans this evening?” I never know what to say. They basically always look like this…hanging with my two favorite people and pups (who were too busy sleeping on our pillows to join the picture) and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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