July 16, Wallis

I thought it might fun to post my favorite images of Wallis from each month as a sweet overview of our month together, and a nice way to remember, since I feel like the days are just blurring together. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to spam you with images of my favorite person and not have to write a thousand posts.

Best capture ever! This was the first shot that I took for a Winter Water Factory wee shoot…oh she slays me, look at her toe!

Bathtime is our favorite time of the day. Her hair is still wonderfully curly but we have to comb it now because of tangles.

Wallis is obsessed with the blueberries in my garden. She loves to watch me pick them, clean them and especially hopes to eat them (not whole of course).

This will forever be one of my most treasured moments and I am so happy to have captured it. Those three bring me the greatest joy and fill my life with laughter.

This was a special onesie given to her by her California grandma and I just love Wallis’ sweet expression in it.

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