Seven months with Wallis

Wallis turned 7 months old this week. She’s got one tooth up and another on its way. It’s made the days even more unpredictable, and I am never quite sure if something is because of teething or something else but overall, I think she’s handling it much better than I expected.

We’ve been gently making our way through solids. We’ve tried carrots, avocados, blueberries, mango, yogurt, apples, peaches, sweet potatoes, pears, and bananas. She loves everything we’ve tried so far (especially pears)…except for bananas. Can’t say I blame her for that one.

She lets out the most terrific squeals when seeing us after a nap, bedtime or anytime she sees the doggies (as we refer to them to her). Wallis is obsessed with Pierre and Olive and they can bring her out of a fuss faster than anything else. She loves to watch them play and when in her walker she throws her arms up and comes charging for them so fast, Andrew and I have to play linebacker so she doesn’t roll over them. They are getting better at dodging the wheels.

When she’s excited she also does this kind of jumping in place thing in our arms that’s pretty hilarious to watch…she’ll burry her face into us or turn her head away while doing it…not the easiest to explain but we all love it.

She loves when we read to her and when she gets really into what we’re reading or how we’re reading it, she starts talking loudly over us as we’re reading, which I can barely keep a straight face during…she really is a nut!

Wallis is either early or right on time with her development stages, which means we never have any down time, ha!

I know parents with babies like this understand…I watch the more laid back babies and think, look how long they’re playing with that toy! Wallis wants to do everything at once, she has a real intensity for life with a serious shy streak. She gets very quiet around strangers or people she doesn’t see often and alligator tears if they try to hold her or keep eye contact too long. She even does a warning sound to let people know she’s not comfortable.

I feel bad and encourage the guest that it’s not personal, because truthfully, I understand this about her. She hasn’t yet learned to curve her introverted side in favor of another’s feelings, so it surfaces quickly. I love her for it and I appreciate her needing time to warm up. Who knows if it’ll last…we grow in and out of ourselves over the years, but for now, she’s my sensitive soul beating hard against her young life.

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