Six months with Wallis

Six months…and she’s already giving me lip. This entire photoshoot Wallis let me know her over all disappointments in asking her to this once a month.

Wallis sits up and even balances herself now and she’s rolling pretty much nonstop these days and has spent several nights inviting us to watch her roll over and over in her crib, ha! I thought she had personality before but man, she’s the funniest most insane person I know and I can’t get enough of her.

I actually wake up relieved that she’s not older and I am loving this time so much that I don’t want it to end, but Wallis turning 6 months has felt so bittersweet and more so, then the months prior because you can really feel the changes coming now…she is so much more aware and her eyes are wider than ever before. You can feel time accepting her in a way that wasn’t before.

Everyone says it gets better and better…but I like now, and I already miss it.

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