Pregnancy Update, 30 Weeks

Well I’ve had the hardest time posting this picture but people have been so kind about it that I decided to post it here too, and actually do a bit of a pregnancy update, since I haven’t talked about it other than the announcement and gender reveal.

First, I’ll get the complaining out-of-the-way because I need to remember these things. I know I’ll forget everything once I see her gorgeous face and then what am I going to hang over her head every time she’s mean to me or doesn’t listen to me?

My pregnancy so far (the bad)

  1. I’ve had terrible “morning” (all day/night) sickness since week 7. It hasn’t stopped and I’ve given up that it will. The only improvement has been with taking medication and actually being able to keep my food down, which I started in the second trimester. The evenings are the worst for me and if I don’t take my meds at night I vomit the entire morning so hard until every blood vessel on my face is broken. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if I’ve taken the meds because I’ll still have a vomiting episode from a horror film. I’ve had to delete most of the foods I love from my diet because of this…I miss you Indian food. I keep making the joke that our wee girl just has a lot of emotions but no one seems to get it…so I need to stop making it. I’ve made my peace with the nausea and am honestly so use to it by now, I don’t remember what it was like to feel otherwise.
  2. I’ve had terrible pelvic or groin pain since week 12 but I don’t like to use the word groin unless I say it in an old lady Boston accent every time I get up or sit down around Andrew but in public…I say pelvic. Though I have no idea what exactly it’s called…I guess they say it’s round ligament pain but PUH-lease this is so much more than some ligaments stretching…or maybe mine are refusing to. I should really purchase a support band because the pain is unreal but they are expensive and I just can’t bring myself to spend the money.
  3. This leads me to the hip pain! I only feel it at night when I am trying to sleep and it has been terrible. I am stomach sleeper so it has been a challenge to sleep since my belly popped early second trimester. The hip pain started midway through my second trimester and has just gotten worse and worse! It feels like a Charley horse is about to happen in my hip if I don’t quickly turn to the other hip and then back again what feels like only a few minutes later. I need to figure some relief out for this one because I’ve been waking up at 3 am for months now and I am exhausted.
  4. I’ve had issues with heartburn (thanks Dad!) since I was in my twenties but pregnancy has made it soooo much worse! I would say I am feeling it the worst now that I’ve entered my third trimester though because I can’t eat anything too large or the food feels stuck in my throat for the rest of the night. Terrible feeling! I’ve been working at eating smaller meals and not much in the evenings to keep this from happening…ick.
  5. As for my weight I am on track good enough…I had a number I didn’t want to go over when I first found out I was pregnant but the nausea has made that impossible for me. Even though I’ve had a lot of vomiting, one of the key elements that keeps me from vomiting is snacking ALL THE TIME. I don’t want to snack and I choose healthy snacks but it doesn’t matter, that’s a lot of snacking! That’s been frustrating for me but I’m trying to be okay with what it looks like I’ll end up gaining. On my feeling bad about myself days I try to take comfort in a few things like…I’m measuring exactly where I am supposed to be measuring at for each appointment to which my doctor always exclaims “you’re perfect” and I think to myself…sounds like I deserve a treat and then she wonders why I am smiling weirdly to myself. Then Andrew thinks I’m the sexiest lady since Eve and tells me constantly, so that’s good enough for me (most of the time) which I know is TMI but it’s nice to hear. And lastly, I am tall (5’8″) and Andrew is tall (6’1″) and both of our mom’s had BIG babies and I’m very short waisted…these things do play a role, so I’ve been told.

Also, now I feel like I need to apologize for taking you through that mind warp that is my brain…sorry…for all the women out there that felt amazing in their pregnancy bodies, good for you! I really admire that.

My pregnancy so far (the good)

  1. I’ve been walking every other day for 30 to 40 minutes which has been good for my health but also for my mental health. I have gotten depressed during this experience on and off but every time I walk I feel better and more capable of taking it on. I wish I could walk longer and more often but the pelvic pain is just too painful!
  2. I’ve had zero swelling which I was proud of and when I told my mom she replied, “there’s still time.” She really has such a comforting spirit. Ha! Mercy give me something, I am this close to needing a wheelchair!
  3. Our wee girl is doing great and that makes me happier than anything else. She’s a crazy kicker and at my 30 week appointment she even kicked the fetal heart doppler off my stomach when the doctor was trying to listen for her heartbeat. Hilarious! Even though her kicks can really hurt…I LOVE to feel them. Let’s me know everything is okay in there.
  4. Despite the side effects I’ve had from pregnancy my health is doing good too. I’ve passed all my tests with flying colors even the iron one, which being a vegetarian everyone is always concerned about but so far so good.

I still have 10 weeks to go, so there’s always room for things to go topsy but so far these things are giving me relief. I’ve been so worried throughout it all.

We’ve made great progress with her room and I’ll be sharing pictures and more once we’re finished…it might not be until after she actually arrives because there’s been issues with some items being on backorder and with time. I am happy with the room though and love to go in there and sit. I can’t wait to bring her home to it!

I am pretty terrified and nervous about giving birth and am trying to read as much as I can and have scheduled all the classes they recommend us taking at the hospital. The hospital we’re going with is over an hour away, so I have these nightmares that I’ll end up giving birth on the side of the road but everyone keeps telling me first time babies typically take their time to arrive. I hope this is true for me…at least until I get to the hospital and then she’s welcome to come as fast as she wants!

I am keeping an open mind about the entire process and am not committing to anything. I have no idea what to expect, so I am going to see how it goes when I actually go into labor. My number one concern is her health – so I will do whatever I need to, to secure that.

I still can’t believe this is really happening most of the time but I am going to spend the rest of the time left focused on Andrew. I can feel our lives are about to change dramatically and though it has made us both so happy, it has also made us realize that the time we had together will never be the same and we want to really absorb these last weeks as two.

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