15 Months, Loris

Loris is 15 months now and the time between 12 months and now seems like years, not months. One night they go to sleep and in the morning they have changed, you can tell that all these little things have connected while they slept, and they understand so much more of what is happening around them. It is truly something to behold.

I would say one of the more exciting things for Wallis has been that Loris has been a lot more fun for her to play with. Loris for the most part understands the games Wallis is trying to play and tries her hardest to keep up. They spend most mornings chasing each other around the kitchen, Loris yelling, “gooooo” while Wallis will call “stop!” They have also started to take baths together, and that has been a lot of fun to watch, though I had to laugh when I heard Wallis say to her dad, “I am going to flip on my stomach and put my face in the water, please make sure Loris doesn’t stick her finger in my bum bum” haa! Oh loris, but you know, she’s still a curious baby.

The idea of peeing in the bath though horrifies Loris. We noticed a pattern unfolding that if she was getting fussy in the bath, we’d take her out, and the moment we put on her diaper she would pee. So now we know that as soon as she needs to pee, she’s out and diaper on! It happens every single time, and really is quite fascinating. Who knows what it means for potty time (probably nothing). Loris also loves to have her nails trimmed and will sit quietly on Andrew’s lap (I can not trim baby nails, my anxiety prevents this, ha!) watching him trim them one by one.

Loris, like Wallis talked early and is accumulating quite a list of words at this point. Mama, Dada, uh oh, dog, tea, doggies, hi, hello, cheese, gooo, ok google, hey google, binki, Pierre, Olive, baby, yea…etc, but I love when she says cheese. It’s like the Cheshire Cat, and boy does she love cheese, and it’s vegan cheese, as she is still dairy free. But my girls love cheese, and not your average cheese, get that American cheese out of here. They love some pretty serious cheeses, and Wallis also enjoys Loris’ vegan cheese. I feel like they get this from my dad, and from Andrew, the combination of both cheese loving genes has created cheese monsters.

Wallis has really enjoyed our journey to finding Loris all the best diary-free products we can. We have tried everything at this point, and I am not going to lie, a lot of it is terrible, but there’s a small group that are really doing it right and both my girls love it. Andrew too. Honestly, besides ice cream and cottage cheese (Wallis would never give either up) our home is 95% dairy-free, I hadn’t really noticed, ha! I think when you’ve been a vegetarian your whole life, you just accumulate things naturally – so that part has thankfully been easy. However, trying to get the fat in Loris that one gets from dairy has been a lot of work for me. Needless to say, Loris eats a lot of nut butters, olive oil, and avocado oil. Ha!

On the food front the girls are different in some areas, where Wallis loved all her greens (spinach, peas, green beans, kale) but didn’t care for any orange foods (squash, sweet potatoes, carrots) Loris loves all the orange foods, and tolerates her greens. Both girls are on the fence with beans, except for lentils, they both love lentils, which as vegetarians it’s pretty much a must, ha. It might seem silly to write all this down, but as the girls are my life, to me, it is not. I will like remembering all these details, even food details as I spend my days making food for them ALL DANG DAY! It is never ending, I am either making food, cleaning up food, or creating a grocery list of food, and sometimes I think I am going to lose my mind.

Loris is such an affectionate child. She will run full speed towards you with a war cry and wrap her arms around your legs, or she will wrap them around your neck laying her head on your shoulder, or if you are sitting on the floor will wrap them around what feels like your whole body. She will repeat this action over and over again trying to get as many hugs in one day as she can, full speed arms wide into you, and it is the best feeling in the world. I have said to Andrew, is it possible to have received the best hugs you’ve ever gotten from a barely toddler? Because to us, they are. We all enjoy them and hope for them. Every morning the girls come see me in bed (hey, it’s 5 am!) and Wallis lays down with her arms stretch wide hoping Loris will turn from hugging me, crawl over and hug her, and she often does. The only thing you have to watch for is how hard Loris drops that heavy head, it can hurt if you are not prepared, ha!

Loris has a wonderful independent spirit. She often gets lost in play and you can literally startle her out of her thoughts if you are not careful. Wallis has always been more needy for us to play along with her, but Loris seems happy to do her own thing, coming in for some hugs, and then going back to her activity. That is for sure personality differences but also, second child neglect, ha! As a second child I can relate Loris.

Loris is crazy about Wallis too. She watches and tries to do everything that Wallis does, including trying to ride Wallis’ scooter. When she hears Wallis crying she will stop and point in the direction she hears her crying and say, “uh oh, uh oh” over and over until we get to her.

Wallis has developed some mild moments of aggression towards Loris wanting to play with all her toys, and well pretty much always being around, but last night she yelled at Loris (who wasn’t phased) and then said a few minutes later with a hug, “Loris I am sorry I used my angry voice with you” and well, hopefully that’s the direction this plays out, ha! I once broke a thick wooden spoon with my brothers face, and he shot me with a BB gun, so you know…I have a poor background in sibling relationships, and am hoping with all my heart for a better outcome, ha but also, very serious.

As for sleep, I don’t want to talk about it…but I will, ha. I read an article that said, “you’ve made it through the 4 month sleep regression, the 8-10 month sleep regression, and now you’ve entered the 12-15 month sleep regression.” And….that pretty much sums it up. There’s been very little sleep for over a year, and I’m dying. I would say the last one has been the worst, but that might simply be because I’m too exhausted to remember the first 2…but 2 weeks shy of 15 months, Loris dropped her second nap (it’s suppose to be the first) and started waking up in the middle of the night taking 3 to 4 hours to get back to sleep. She hadn’t even been sleeping through consistently yet…so…yep, dying.

However, I wrote the above 2 weeks ago, so we seem to be out of that horrible regression now, and the silver-lining of afternoon nap skipping is that she’s sleeping better at night, not great, but I consider 5 hours of solid sleep a triumph!

This pandemic has made Loris’ first 15 months ache…my dad has only held her twice, Andrew’s parents have never even met her, and my mom has only seen her a handful of times. My brother met her once outside….it just makes my heart break, she really is a Covid baby even if she was born a few months before. It isn’t fair, and to see so many care so little about this virus, is painful.

I try not to let my mind linger on how much my loved ones have missed, and tell myself there is so much more for them to experience, but it is hard. Especially since this is our last baby, and each first thing is also the last time, and that can really hurt if I think about it too long. I hope I never take the importance of loved ones around for granted again, because I did prior to this. My introverted nature was always happier when plans were cancelled and I can’t promise I won’t still be that way after, but what I can promise, is that my kids getting to see those that love them will be more of a priority than before.

Happy 15 Months Loris, thank you for the best hugs and your beautiful playful spirit. No matter what I’ve complained about, you are the absolute sweetest love.

Beans beans in her hair, beans beans everywhere!
Sweetest face! She’s already outgrown all of her 12-18 months clothes and is fully in 18-24. She’s also grown 2 inches in 3 months which has us as Wallis says, “stunned.”
I keep joking that Loris’ hair isn’t growing down, it’s growing up! Not sure how all her curls will end up as they grow, but we love that wild hair!
She’s got a big bruise on her forehead here, and honestly she falls quite a bit. Wallis has fallen maybe 5 times in 5 years…Loris knocks that noggin’ daily like it’s not attached. 🤦‍♀️

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  • Reply
    January 23, 2021 at 11:37 am

    Nice to see this update! She’s insanely adorable and full of life. My Abe is now 8 months and sleep remains…crappy…and I know it’ll be that way for some time. Thank goodness for these adorable tiny humans that take away our sleep but show us what’s really important. You both are doing a great job! Any tips on keeping the older child’s choking hazards away?? Abe will prob be crawling soon. So far I’m thinking to sequester the tiny Hugh toys in his room and one downstairs room (with a gate) though I’m sure that’s exactly where Abe will want to be AND Hugh will be upset if I can’t be in there too bc I’m out of the room with Abe…

    We are almost through with Covid January!!! Lots of solidarity from Vermont.

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      January 23, 2021 at 7:55 pm

      So good to hear from you Meaghin! And thank you for the solidarity, these are some very difficult times. I am a choking nut, I would say it’s something I worry about nonstop, even with making my girls food…😬 and Loris loves to put everything in her mouth. We did something similar to what you are thinking, we put all the too tiny items in Wallis’ room, but unfortunately it does me those toys are not getting played with as much. Wallis wants to be where we are and Loris can’t be where those specific toys are, so it’s not worked great. Wallis has plenty of other toys she plays with, with us all in the playroom/basement but I always feel bad about the others…she just refuses to play with them without one of us there, so we do make it happen when we can. She’s at a stage where being alone in any room kind of scares her, so she just wants someone sitting there, ha. Wish I had better advice 😅

      • Reply
        January 24, 2021 at 10:53 am

        That makes sense! Hugh will play by himself some but much prefers company (he will yell somebodddddy over and over again which is sad, cute and annoying all at the same time). I’ll just roll with whatever happens, as we all do. I feel you on your Covid commentary too. It’s distressing to think about over a year lost for Hugh to see people or do things and for no one to have met sweet baby Abe aside from his grandparents once and my mother in law a handful of times. If you ever want to text let me know. Happy Sunday!

        • Reply
          Tiffany King
          January 25, 2021 at 1:42 pm

          Ha! That’s adorable!! It is distressing, and I can’t say I feel much hope right now. I am sorry for your loss too…so much time has been lost. And yes, thank you! I have your email with your number. Have a great week!

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