10 Months, Loris

Honestly I am starting to feel that “I can’t believe” it’s been 10 months with Loris thing. I felt that nearly every single month, year with Wallis…but with Loris because there’s been so much chaos due to severe allergies to Covid….time has felt slowed and nearly paused in some ways. Obviously that’s not true because Loris is 10 MONTHS!! And today is so much better than those early months, or even 6 months. We have had so many mountains, and we are not done yet, but it is getting better, so much better.

Sad news is that Loris is still super allergic to dairy. She did great on my breast milk for 4 solid months, but when we introduced my breast milk that had dairy in it, she started to actually projectile vomit. The doctor said we would know immediately if dairy was still a problem, and he was correct. So we stopped the breast milk immediately, and went back on soy formula.

My hope now is to get to a year, get a panel check of her allergies (something I am so very dreading but know we need) and then we’ll find out the severity of her allergy and from there know if we can finish the rest of the breast milk and also, how to move forward from formula. By 12 months most babies go straight to cows milk…so right now that’s not looking like a possibility, so I’ll have to do some research for the best alternative. As a vegetarian I am not worried – I’ve been doing that my whole life. Wallis however is sad the baby can’t enjoy her love of cottage cheese, ha!

Loris continues to spit-up but we are down to about 5 times a day now, and I swear that amount never even seemed possible, so I am grateful and hopefully by 1 – that will have fully stopped because mercy, I am holding on by a THREAD LORIS, A THREAD! 😉

Also Loris, I feel like I should apologize when you look back at these posts some day to see how much you were loved, you are, so so so so loved, but also, it needs to be said, you are a terrible sleeper and it’s killing your parents! You do this particularly cruel thing where you sleep horrible for weeks and weeks and weeks and then suddenly two beautiful days of sleep. You nap and sleep through the night for two whole days and your dad and I become different people. We even talk joyfully about the future….and then just like that, you are back to being the dread in dreadful of sleepers. I feel like you need to recharge and then you’re set, but we are not Loris, WE ARE NOT!

I understand that other parents would sleep train you, or make you cry it out, but we are the kind of parents that would rather forget whole sentences, call everything a “thing” like you know “that thing, that thing, that thing over there??!” And whisper angrily at each other during the night to “get up already and get her!” Then deal with the idea that you are no longer crying because you know no one will come, holy shite that thought makes me want to drive off a cliff. We just feel too much for your feelings Loris, so we bare down and face you like a God created storm and scream into your howling wind, “BRING ON THE WHALE!”

We did the same with your sister, and we survived her. Even at 15 months when she turned into the devil. So we can do this, we can do this ONE MORE TIME, and then like monarch butterflies we will sleep for 6 solid months and die.

So far you have taken lots of steps on your own, but you’re still not quite comfortable with making it completely solo, and more often than not, choose a wall, parent, or chair to guide you forward. You love this wooden stroller with wheels we have and walk with that quite often.

Wallis never crawled much, but you seem to really enjoy that method even if it means you crawl like a spider that has been spotted and scare your parents. There are moments when I am literally running behind you to stop you from your own reign of terror, that I think, “oh my word, I am not going to make it!”

You are saying words! And not just a word, you have now said, “hhhiiii dog” and “hhhiii Dada” but we haven’t gotten it on camera! The first time it happened was magical to us, so I want to remember it. I had just finished talking about the things Wallis had started saying by 10 months and I said, “I wonder what Loris will do” and your dad simply looked at you and said, “hiiiiii Loris” and you replied, “HHHHHIIIIII DADA” and it was clear as day. It was so perfect, and we both started laughing, and then crying, two big puddles we are. Then we tried to get you to do it again and you refused, but thank you, it made us so happy.

You have a delightful sense of humor, it is obvious that you will be funny. You love to laugh, and especially if one of us is laughing, you always join in. You love music, like really love music and are constantly playing Wallis’ tiny piano. You are very clever just like your sister and pay close attention to everything happening around you, so that you are never surprised, and can even mimic the things you’ve seen…like knowing how to immediately ride your sisters roller mouse even making the pushing motion in the way she does with your tiny elevated feet. You love pulling items very close to your face and having long conversations with them, which is probably one of my favorite things that you do.

I secretly love how you hate to be taken from me, and the fight you put up. I love the way you pat my back when you’re back in my arms, and how much you love to cuddle. I love the smile you make when I rub your back, and I love watching you play with your dad’s beard, as though he grew it just for you.

You also love to eat. I think people assume chubby babies love to eat, but tall babies do too! And you have never refused a single thing I’ve made you, and have no patience to wait for your food! YOU NEED IT NOW!!! The moment I start making it, is the exact moment you start complaining that it wasn’t already made. Just like your sister, you call to me like a Viking and I start to sweat trying to get everything pulled together at lightening speed. You particularly love roasted pears.

You are still the loudest baby, and when we are outside I often feel nervous about all your screaming, and try to make sure social services are not called by following each scream with, “wow you really have something to say” basically two lunatics sitting on a porch, both in need of serious socializing.

Happy 10 Months love, or as Wallis has started to call you, “cutie patootie” we have no idea where she got it, but boy do you hear it a lot.

Business in the front, ringlets in the back. 😉 Love her curls.
Their favorite place to hang. Not sure what’s going to happen when they grow too big for this crib…which by the look of them (both so long!) will be sooner than later 😢
Loris cracks me up, she wears those sunnies for Wallis, and Wallis loves putting these little dress up things together. Hat too small, sunnies too big…perfection.
10 month matching pics with sissy! I purchased a couple of matching outfits for the girls for church before Covid…and now we have nowhere to where them…so photo shoot it is! This was the best take, not the best shoot, but I love how Wallis likes to be near Loris and is always holding her in some way.

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  • Reply
    August 11, 2020 at 2:12 am

    I wish so much I could hug her and squeeze her! 😍 So many exciting milestones! And the girls together are too sweet! Kisses all around! 😘

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      August 19, 2020 at 8:27 am


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    August 18, 2020 at 12:28 am

    Oh Loris—Grandma’s favorite moment with you is when I touched your elbow, you pulled away letting me know that I would need to take my time with you. Happily—before I left, you were allowing kisses on that curly, sweet head of yours!!
    Covid is hard on Grandma, but being with you and Wallis has saved me more than I can say!! Love, love my dearest granddaughters!!

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      August 19, 2020 at 8:26 am

      Ha! Oh grandma! Not sure how Andrew and I do it, but we’ve managed to make both girls as co-dependent as ourselves 😂 Just like Wallis took her time, so is Loris, but also like Wallis, Loris will be over the moon about you one day too. We love you and miss you. 🥰

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