7 Months, Loris

It’s interesting having two babies now that do everything early. I would have no idea what it would be like to have a baby that was chill and took their time reaching their milestones. And trust me, Andrew and I would LOVE to know what that was like, so this isn’t bragging, it’s more how did this happen…TWICE?

At Loris’ 6 month checkup we got all the same comments from the doctors (the girls have different doctors) of “wow! She’s so bright, she’s so alert, and active” and “I see a lot of babies, but rarely one so engaged, she’s very advanced for her age” and when we first heard those comments with Wallis we were over the moon, now we’re like, “shut your mouth, she CAN HEAR YOU!!!!”

And I kid you not…after that appointment Loris started PULLING HERSELF UP from a sitting position into a standing one, and then transitioned seconds later into just just pushing herself up into a standing position without holding on to anything…THIS IS NOT NORMAL. I literally changed a poop yesterday while she was in a crutch position because she did not want to lay down, not for a minute…her abs would make Putin envious…but also, what is wrong with this baby?!

My friend was laughing when I told her and said at 6 months she was just trying to get her babies to sit up on their own. And that’s cool, she had two babies like that though…so what gives UNIVERSE?!

And you know what kind of irks me, is that everyone makes a HUGE deal out of these milestones and when you read about it or see your pediatrician, you are left feeling like you have two baby geniuses – but what if NOTHING happens….what if Wallis lives in our basement for the rest of her life “figuring it out” and Loris does nail art on YouTube….there are no guarantees people. And we are so tired, and that might just be it for us…we are so tired, the end. I mean of course we will love them exactly as they are, but you know, we’ll think about it, ha! And I’ll probably have to have “I dreamed a dream” played at my funeral just to hit it home.

And listen when I say high energy, high needs, I am not meaning one of those kids you see wearing backpack leashes. Our girls are the kind of kids that when we went for a drive Wallis counted the cherry blossom trees while Loris sat there smiling. We have never been to a restaurant with Loris yet, but every time Wallis has gone out we get stopped by other couples telling us what a pleasure it was to watch her and how incredibly well behaved she is…which it’s true, Wallis acts like a 92 year old woman on a day release from the nursing home while dining. There will be some kid laying on the floor licking it, while she’s commenting on the ceiling fans.

So what I mean is more like, intense. They don’t have problems being still, but with anything they do outside of those moments of stillness, it’s intense and pretty dang exhausting. Wallis was 8 months old when she walked, and it was terrifying – so the idea that Loris appears to be following in that same path is difficult to accept some days and like I said above, it would have been totally okay with us if they had just taken their time.

We are super proud of them though, that goes without saying but just in case my semi-complaining above sounded otherwise, we are. Who could not be proud of Wallis – while we sat at the dinner table last night she said, “James is 2 years old” and I replied, “yes, he’s half your age” and without missing a beat, she responded, “yes in 2 more years, he’ll be 4.” I mean that was pretty impressive to me.

And who could not be proud of Loris, who has already learned how to sign milk to us. We did sign language with Wallis too, but she didn’t use it much and didn’t start signing back until closer to 10 months, but Loris has seemed sooooo desperate to communicate, that we’ve been more consistent with it, and the other day she started signing milk to us. Wallis noticed it first, and we were all very excited, including Loris. Ha!

And when Wallis told us she had a dream that a giant bald eagle ate pop-pop and pooped him out…we were proud then too, it doesn’t matter what they do, or how often Wallis brings up poop and vomit (which one might say is a concerning amount) we will always be proud of those two nutters, even if they are the reasons we both currently have bellies, receding hairlines (mine is due to postpartum hair loss), and randomly cry at different points in the day.

After bath and feeling fine. Her eye shape reminds me of my grandma Fleta. Every time I look at her, I see her. It’s a comforting feeling.
This was Easter morning, it really was a lovely day even though we missed our families.
I would match these two the rest of my life if they’d let me! This was our Easter pic and though Wallis’ face is a bit blurry, I’m just grateful I caught them both looking forward at the same time! Also, Loris rarely gets to wear anything nice because of her continuing spit up issues, so I think she was really feeling her upgrade, ha!
Wallis refuses to get out of bed in the morning unless Loris comes and snuggles with her, so we flipped it a bit at nap and had Wallis come snuggle with Loris. Only 8 months ago, Wallis was still sleeping in this crib!!! Breaking my heart.
Loris wants to walk so badly we gave in and got a walker. We had one for Wallis too, because they are/were backbreaking babies to hold all day. Unfortunately for the dogs, Loris can now reach them at lightening speed. They’ve taken to hiding in their beds when they hear those wheels a turnin’ haa!

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