June 18, Wallis (30 months old)

Wallis is officially 2.5 years old! Holy smokes how did that happen? You might have noticed that there was no post for May…allow me to explain.

May was and early June were a tough period for us. It rained for 4 weeks straight, we had just about everything breakdown (two cars, HVAC, dryer…etc…) and then Pierre was mysteriously ill (though his checkups were totally fine)…THEN on top of it all Wallis decided she was over wearing diapers and that about broke me mentally…allow me to explain…again.

The first week of June Wallis lost her mind. I am serious, it was intense and bless her heart, it was for her too. She woke up Saturday morning and decided she no longer liked diapers or pull-ups but she didn’t quite understand that’s what she was saying so instead she just cried out, “ow ow ow ow change my pee pee” every 15 minutes for 8 days.

Wallis has been using the potty since she 18 months old but only at bath time, so though she understood how to use it and where it was, it wasn’t of much importance to her until diaper-gate.

We could not console her either, we tried explaining that she was over diapers, we tried 3 different types of pull-ups and we eventually got her to wear training underwear which she preferred of course for an entire day (used her potty no accidents) and then woke up the next morning decided she didn’t like them either.

It got so bad I took her into the urgent care to be sure she didn’t have a bladder infection. She was so proud of herself because she even peed in a cup, which seriously she is so amazing – I mean, I had no idea if that was going to happen and I just said, “I need you to pee in this cup so the doctor can make you all better, so please tell me when you need to pee” and she replied, “otay mama” but I didn’t have high hopes. After about 10 minutes she said, “me pee in cup mama” and we rushed to the bathroom and she did it, no problem and then she put her arms in the air and said, “I did it!”

She did not have a bladder infection or any kind of infection at all…what she had, was a hard time accepting the change she was experiencing, and she was expressing it the only way she knew how, but it was really hard on us because we felt helpless.

Then after that week of insanity, she was over it and happily wearing her training underwear and is what the potty people call “day dry.” The biggest issue we are having now is that she doesn’t want to ever wear a diaper or pull-up again, so at bedtime she puts up a fight and that has been upsetting, because even though we explain to her, to her she doesn’t need them anymore. Last night we had her put her underwear over the pull-up and she seemed to agree with that…here’s hoping that works until whenever a child becomes overnight dry?

She hasn’t pooped in the potty yet, but she talks about it a lot. So that will be our next hurdle…I mean this is why I wasn’t ready. I didn’t care if she took until 3 years, I was HOPING she would. Instead a month before her 2.5 birthday, she was like, I’m good.

Despite dragging my feet…we’ve really been blown away by it all. We seriously did nothing but waited for her to be ready and allowed her to go at her pace and she’s done it. No charts, bribes, letting her run around naked, or asking her every 20 minutes if she needs to go…we just waited and I truly believe that is the best thing you can do.

She doesn’t like us to ask her if she needs to go, and that has been a serious lesson in trusting her to know for me. She gets annoyed by me asking her and will sigh heavily saying, “no mama, I do not need to go to my pot-pot” and she’s only had one accident, so clearly I need to chill and trust her to know.

I also feel the last month has been intense for me emotionally because she’s different, she grew out of size 2 and is already in size 3…everything is happening so fast. Wallis has always been strong verbally but even that seems clearer, better…there are just so many little things too. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain but she’s just becoming older and I’m not ready.

For her 2.5 birthday we bought her a bike. She had still been riding this other bike that was obviously way too small for her and we like to do one special gift for her half birthday, since her birthday is on the biggest holiday of the year.

She picked out the colors. I asked her a few times over the course of a couple of weeks just to be sure we got the color combo she really wanted and she really wanted a blue helmet with a blue bike, so that’s what she got and she loves it. She especially loves the helmet and while riding she says over and over again, “my helmet keep me safe on my bike” which cracks us up because we never told her that, she just made the connection.

The first day going from four wheels to 2 was a bit startling for her, so Andrew held the back of the bike while she pushed with her feet, but by the next day she was telling him to let go. Though I have to laugh that at one point he was pushing her while she held her legs up and straight out but she kept saying, “me doing it dada, me doing it!” Until, Andrew broke the news to her that he was pushing her. It was so adorable.

She really is independent and fearless, and though I am happy she is – it isn’t easy for me. I am constantly the party pooper. The other day she was calling to me through one of our floor grates (you can see through them) and I walked under it and looked up and she said, “hi mama” and I replied, “watch out for the bench above your head boo boo” and she said, “uh, mama, I careful lady too” and I felt like such a jerk, ha!

She loves to give surprises and has started to hold them behind her back and makes everyone close their eyes and after she gives the surprise and enjoys your reaction to the surprise she tends to reply, “where’s my surprise?” or when I told her on Father’s Day that it was dada’s special day, she replied, “when is my special day?” ha!

She particularly loves to give me surprises or make me breakfast in bed, that’s a big one. So I get lots of grapefruit at 6 am these days, ha! Which has also become another poop joke, because I said to her, “did you have to squeeze the grapefruit real hard” and she replied, “yes like my poo mama” and it surprised us, so we both laughed and now she tells me every time she brings me a grapefruit. She has always liked to follow us into the bathroom to show us how to poo – she’d squeeze her fists together and push and say, “do it like this dada” so…yeah…she still likes poo.

Wallis does this thing sometimes when she’s super hungry and I am not moving fast enough for her liking where she bangs her hands on the table and yells, “me want my nom nom mama” and we don’t encourage it of course because hello viking child! BUT the other day she was at a café with her dad, and he was standing in line waiting for his food while she was waiting at the table and she whispered, “dada” and then proceeded to show him quietly and mostly mimicking with her hands just quietly tapping the table and her whispering “bring my nom nom.” She was trying to encourage him to try it so he could get his food faster, ha! Also about the nom nom, I know…Andrew and I are not even those kind of people who would use the word “nom nom” but that apparently was how we sounded when play pretending to eat food, so she started saying that instead of food…blerg. She says food sometimes too.

I keep saying to her, “Wallis I do not want you to grow any more” to which she replies, “I want to grow!” followed by (while in a squatting position then slowly standing up) “grow grow grow!” which I find to be particularly cruel.

I always forget to mention but Wallis is ridiculously polite! We have not asked her to be, but always thought she would hopefully learn from watching us. I always feel really uncomfortable when people say to their kids, “what do you say?” or “yes, what?” ick ick, no thanks. I have no idea what will happen as she gets older but now, she says excuse me, thank you, and sorry on the regular. Her excuse me sounds like “cuse me” and her thank you sounds like, “tutu” and her sorry, sounds like “orry” and if she accidentally hurts you, she takes time to rub the spot and kiss it. Or the other day I said my back hurt and she walked over and just started rubbing my back. She really is a lover.

I am really just so proud of her (clearly, hello blog dedicated to her). She is so thoughtful, kind, smart, and creative. Every day Wallis does something that just blows me over and we feel so grateful to be experiencing this life with her. I think one of my favorite things is laying in bed at night talking about her with her dad…there’s so much to recap about, so much to laugh about, and so much to whisper to heaven, thank you about. Now if only I’d stop getting in her way. he he.

I took these pictures for my work but also pretty cute that she’s wearing blue bikes while riding one. She looks so big here…but I promise she’s not actually 5 years old yet.

She spent the entire photo-shoot talking about the neighbors…as one does.

Or just staring at the neighbors…as one does. She’s become one of those staring kids…where the person waves and she just keeps staring, ha!

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    Kenneth Sanders
    June 26, 2018 at 2:11 am

    So Happy for this. I was wondering why I had not seen any new photos.
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