November 17, (23 Months)

I begin this post having just been sneezed on…that’s right, after having never been sick Wallis has finally caught her first cold and it’s a nasty one. She nearly made it to 2 years, but just like with her mama, nearly there will have to be good enough – ha!

I have really enjoyed the last 4 weeks, 22 months was fun and I have a feeling so will the following after.

One of my favorite times of night (and this might sound a bit nutty) is walking around the house and picking up all the things Wallis has left about throughout the day.

It’s a sweet walk through her imagination…the thermometer left next to her goose who had the chills, a cake pan full of wooden eggs for her piggy, her favorite bag that is shaped like a dog which she hides cotton balls and broken crayons in, and the hairbrush she uses to clean her motorcycle rocker saying, “all clean” and then hopping on it while calling out, “bye mama” with a kiss to the air.

For months and months Wallis has called out, “Hi mama” every single time she sees me, even if we’ve only been apart for a few seconds Wallis will say, “Hi mama!” and it makes my heart so happy that I wanted to write it down, I don’t want to forget even that. Even on mornings when her dad goes and gets her, they’ll pass by our bedroom on their way to get milk and Wallis will call out, “hi mama!” it’s the warmest greeting I have ever received and the way she says it, truly magic.

Wallis constantly does and says things that amaze me – I know most parents are amazed by their children, but I have to tell you she really blows me over. From separating her wooden eggs evenly into two small bags (6 in each) so she can carry them to the market on her wooden motorcycle rocker to recognizing her name spelled out on chalkboard in our office. Andrew had written Wallis on our chalkboard just randomly and when Wallis walked by it, she pointed at and said her name? I stood there stunned, but Andrew thinks she must have memorized the shape of her name, even though we don’t spell it out much.

Even the funny things like how she pronounces Pierre, “pee air” or how in bath she kept making her washcloth go straight and then twisting it around saying over and over again cen.ta.pede (centipede) or how she pays attention to every detail saying things like, “dada eyes blue, not mama brown!” It just makes me smile so big.

While Wallis was visiting grandma about two weeks ago she got her finger caught in a drawer and told me immediately when I picked her up about her boo boo, I gave it kisses and she moved on.

A week later that same boo boo has mysteriously resurfaced and each night at bath she holds up her finger (and always the same finger, she NEVER forgets) and says, “boo boo band-aid band-aid” and once bath is over, I get her a band-aid and wrap it around her sweet little finger and she spends a few minutes studying it and then requests I remove it (boo boo mysteriously vanishes). The other night she was examining a teeny tiny picture of Snoopy on her band-aid and announced, “white dog! not nose, BLACK!” and made me laugh (and also grateful that she has my 20/20 vision, ha!).

As for a potty update…Wallis only uses the potty when she’s in the bath. She will stand straight up and announce, “pee pee potty” and I have to pick her soaking bubble covered body out of the tub and place her on the potty where she proceeds to hold both of my hands. Then back in the bath, but so far she isn’t interested in using it when not naked and taking a bath. This has been going on for about 3 months so I feel like we’ll be rounding a corner soon, but I am not pushing the potty thing – I’ve read way to many pushy potty parent horror stories to do that.

It is an incredible feeling to really like your child, I mean I know we love our kids, but to really like them is another thing and I do, I find Wallis fascinating. I only want to do my very best for her and make sure she never feels as though who she is, is not entirely welcomed with me. I can see her slowly and ever so beautifully becoming herself, and it’s the greatest blessing to witness.

These were from October when we carved pumpkins but I forgot to share them. If you remember last year she found this terrifying, but this year…she quite liked it.

I tried to get some pictures of her before church but she really does not enjoy it…but look at that face! Too sweet!!

She was very concerned that her knees were showing and basically 99% of the pictures I took are her pulling her dress down trying to cover her knees. Modest wee mouse.

I then asked her to come out on the porch to take some pictures and she found that even more uncomfortable and stood awkwardly the whole time…very aware her knees were showing. I love it though, so much.

I was asking her if she’d like a “dog moo moo” which is a favorite joke of hers meaning dog smoothie. Ha! Her humor leans towards the darker side.

Dog moo moo works every time!

My sweetest love.


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    November 27, 2017 at 12:47 am

    Always a joy to see photos and hear how Wallis is growing up…too quickly! Looking at the quantum difference between age one and two, we see probably the biggest leap in human development isn a 12 month period. Just amazing. ❤️

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