November 16, Wallis

I thought it might fun to post my favorite images of Wallis from each month as a sweet overview of our month together, and a nice way to remember, since I feel like the days are just blurring together. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to spam you with images of my favorite person and not have to write a thousand posts.

Look at this goon! She’s growing up too fast!

I’ve timed her bath, they’re 5 minutes long, that typically end with her standing up and having to have a shower to remove the rest of the shampoo/bubbles. Here she’s testing out the equipment.

Wallis’ “mine” face. She knows what she wants, and it’s a battle of will to change her mind but dang, if she isn’t cute willin’ it.

The Future is Female onesie was a moment that we’d hoped to celebrate with this month…but that was not to be. We’ve had a very hard time coming to terms with the election, as so many have. The next 4 years will be dark, but she will be our continued reminder, that there is still good and there is still so much possibility.

My uncle likes to joke that Wallis “has a job” and every time I take pictures of her for my work, I can’t help but smile thinking of that. Here she’s working as a grumpy gnome…the way she locks her jaw when she’s unsure of things gets me every time.

My very own Anne-girl.

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