Eight Months with Wallis

Look at that face, is it wrong to love your babies cry face, it’s just so darn adorable! This shoot went downhill quickly, the picture angles are no good because of it, and dada had to intervene when somebody decided to lick her buggy’s handlebar and ended up bumping her lip. Yes, she’s ready for the big screen with her flare for the dramatic, but oh how good it feels to cuddle the boo-boos away.

Ack! I am late with Wallis’ 8 month picture because we’ve been staying at my parent’s house while renovating our master bathroom (more to come on that) but first, 8 months with Wallis.

I have to say that 7 months has been my favorite month so far, though like with 6 months, we had a lot of teething issues. She now has two teeth! The first tooth came up easier than the second, the second tooth felt endless, and she was clearly in a lot more pain than with the first. She still has bad and good days with teething even though the teeth are up now…I swear teething is a never-ending cycle of wait, is this teething?

We also went through a bit of sleeping issues this month, she became a real bear to put to sleep, naps and at nighttime. Despite all of the above though, when the days were good, they were sooooo good.

She is changing so rapidly these days that by the time I finish this post, she’ll probably being doing something new. Though hard to capture on camera…each time I go to film her doing something she clams up, but take my word for it, there’s a lot I wish I could share.

Honestly, she has been blowing us away this month. Where did our baby go? One afternoon she took a two-hour nap, which is very unusual for her, and when she woke up, she started talking. I had read that 99% of babies say dada first as it’s easier for them to say, so I was prepared for the rejection, ha!

However, after that nap, she woke up saying na na na. Which Andrew is convinced was her saying ma ma ma, but because she’s obsessed with rolling her tongue over her new teeth, it’s coming out na na na. When I told my mom, of course she was convinced it was for Grandma (eye-roll). 😉

Who knows, but after that though, she went into verbal overdrive, and now our days are filled with ma ma ma, da da da, ba ba ba, la la la…ect…though some of these sounds are ones she’s made over the last few months, nothing so clear and together as they are now. Her tongue is always in the way though, because she loves to blow raspberries over her new teeth.  Those two teeth get a lot of tongue attention.

Giggles abound, lots of kisses for mama and dada, she’s playing peek-a-boo with us instead of the other way around or where’s Wallis as I think she prefers that to the boo. She’s doing this hilarious blowing/scrunching up thing with her nose, and she also loves to try to roll things back to us if we roll them to her – she’s pretty darn good at it too.

I started doing sign language with her at 6 months, just the basics. She started to use them last month, so yay it’s working and crazy adorable! Her wee hands forming milk slay me.

She loves to wave hi or bye. Andrew and I look insane whenever she does it, because we’ll immediately launch into bye or hi a thousand times over to her. She also does this palm up to the sky whenever she sees a ceiling fan going and gasps loudly…which is seriously the best thing ever. And if she knows there’s a ceiling fan in the room but it’s not moving, she’ll put her palm up to gesture for it to go on and then when you turn it on, GASP!

As for crawling, she’s either scooting on her belly or trying to do the downward dog pose with some serious will-power, even if she’s on our bed…but all she really wants to do is walk. We walk around the house, we walk around her room, we walk around and around, it’s exhausting for this mama. She’s good at pulling herself up, standing unassisted, and walking holding on to things. One day she even went from laying on her belly to sitting up, which was pretty intense to watch.

There were no smiles for this shoot, she was not having it after lip bump-gate. Wallis does not like to hold on to anything with both hands. It makes me a bit batty, she wants to walk everywhere with one hand free, luckily her balance is on point, but she is one independent lady!

She’s really interested in being read to now too, which makes me so happy! She likes to sit and turn the pages and it’s really the only time she’ll sit still. I find myself so distracted by watching her read along with me, that I lose my spot a lot. Luckily, she has no idea.

Though we’ve tried so many vegetables, fruits, and even tofu by this point, Wallis’ favorite foods remain avocado, peas, sweet potatoes, blueberries and pears (especially when I add cinnamon). She likes vegetables more than fruit, but really she’ll eat anything and pretty well. I’m still shocked when she finishes a whole avocado or sweet potato. Though she’s not a fan of applesauce or bananas…which I thought all babies love?

With all these sudden changes comes that familiar ache that parents get, because as much as you feel joy, you’re also forced to face a reality of evaporating time…for her everything is now, but for us, it’s what was and what’s to come. We can’t help but rejoice with wet eyes and paused expressions…thinking back to those early days as each new turn is made. Life is beating on…but oh how it goes.

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  • Reply
    September 4, 2016 at 10:52 am

    Oh I love to take photos of PC when he’s wailing. I want to remember that red face and those huge sad tears too. So I think this month’s picture is glorious in its imperfection. And those thighs, Wallis, they are delicious!

    I know exactly what you mean when you say you are conflicted about the milestones. We gave PC cereal last night for the first time. As wonderful and satisfying as it was, a little piece of me knew we were entering a new phase and those days of him needing JUST me were over. Sigh….

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      September 5, 2016 at 10:40 pm

      Thank you Janet! Candid non-candid pics are the best, and especially when there’s chubby thighs and sweet baby sad faces! Yay PC and cereal. I feel like I didn’t do cereal long enough, I launched right into veggies and later thought…I should have done cereal longer, especially with how it can keep them full longer and with Wallis helps to keep her gerd down…I need to add cereal back in the menu. Uh, sorry, rambling there, but yes, even something as small as that first giggle to as big as the first bites of food, the joy and sadness are one, always…I imagine forever. Sigh…indeed…

  • Reply
    Kayla @ Exquisite Banana
    September 8, 2016 at 1:43 am

    Oh my gosh! I am SO glad you left a comment on my blog because I’ve missed you on instagram. I went to leave you a comment there one day a few weeks back and was like “Where’s Wallis?!” when I realized you didn’t have your account anymore. Anyway, yay! Excited to follow along with you here. We have the same Manny & Simon Push Stroller (just purchased it) and Felicity is pretty into it. Love their stuff.

    • Reply
      Tiffany King
      September 11, 2016 at 3:28 pm

      Thank you Kayla! So sweet of you! I can still spy on your darling Felicity from WWF IG and she is growing and doing so much! Love that her and Wallis are around two weeks apart, I always feel like I am looking a bit into my future, he he. Love that push stroller, though Wallis could love it more…but as it goes with babies, one minute she’s meh about something and the next, she loves it, even about her parents, ha! xoxo

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