Five Months with Wallis

Wallis turned 5 months old this week! I can’t believe she is so close to 6 months…that once seemed rather far away.

I have truly enjoyed this stage and it keeps getting better and better. She is so full of life that there are days where I feel my heart heavy to burst with joy unable to contain how much I love her.

She is still obsessed with standing and when we say to her “kick kick kick” she’ll kick her legs furiously either laying or if we’re holding her up. She has the most pleased with herself determined expression while doing this that it makes my kidneys hurt with laughter.

She is basically rolling over now but I am not counting it because I still have to give her head a small push, haa! It’s too big and she’s not quite strong enough to fully pull it over. I blame her farther for this…bless this child with her father’s heavy head. I am basically a turtle…so I face other issues.

I swear Wallis has been teething for a month now…and the last week or so, it seemed pearly whites were destined to cut through…but alas they are still hiding. So we move forward with her drooling and chewing on everything. She is basically a human bulldog at this point and I am pretty sure she could out poot them too!

We had a silent reflux set back and it left me pretty discouraged. Things were moving along so good last month that I thought we were out of the woods and then suddenly, she stopped eating as much, pulling away with discomfort and we knew the reflux was rearing its frustrating head yet again. We had to up her dosage of meds and that did the trick. She would totally be one of those super chubs if we didn’t have to deal with the SR. I am looking forward to having that issue behind us!

On a brighter note and I am fearful to even say it…her nap game is suddenly on point. She is sleeping so much better during the day and when she wakes, she spends a good 15 minutes talking to herself in her bassinet. She is waking more during the night but we are able to get her settled pretty quickly, so nothing is ever “perfect” but it’s better.

Through the worry, the exhaustion, the love and so much joy…there isn’t much room left in this body of mine, but how grateful I am for it all.

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