Four months with Wallis

She’s oddly pink in this photograph but it’s the wallpaper and those are bloomers not a mini skirt…she’s rather long and lean and still not quite fitting into everything labeled 3-6 months.

Wallis is 4 months old! She really is such an amazing boo boo and like I’ve said before, I pause many times during my day with gratitude for her.

I had to laugh the other day because I called my single older brother to see how he was and he spent 30 minutes on the phone with me trying to figure out why his tummy was hurting (enter eye roll here) and he ended the conversation with, I think I’ll go lay on the couch for a bit until I feel better. Earlier that same week I had taken Wallis on a long walk and though my foot was hurting me, I was really wanting her to get a good nap in, so I didn’t even pay attention to it and it wasn’t until I was home and an hour later that I realized I had bled through half of my sock and left bloody foot prints all over the house. I wouldn’t have even noticed if my dogs hadn’t started smelling my feet like crazy…because that’s how insane raising a baby is. Oh to have the luxury of playing clue with your tummy ache! Ha!

Wallis has gotten a lot better with napping, though she’s still a giant question mark when it comes to it…Pierre will howl like his toenails are slowly being pulled off and she doesn’t even twitch – but my wrist cracks and she startles awake like I jumped into her bassinet! She’s always been a terrific night sleeper which was our saving grace with the lack of napping and we were down to one night feeding but since turning 4 months old, she wakes up twice during the night, once to eat and once to have a 30 minute conversation with herself and it’s a bit of a bear to get her back to sleep. Though I have to admit her conversations are adorable…I have Andrew check to make sure nothing has crawled in there with her because she’s having such an interesting time chatting with herself.

For over a month now she’s been obsessed with wanting to sit up and stand like it’s the last leg of her journey, constantly leaning forward and locking her knees…I feel like she’s minutes from standing up and walking out the door. Slow down lady! She also wants to taste everything and has her tongue waiting like a Venus flytrap any time something comes near it.

She is such a talker and squealer…she loves to see how loud she can go and after she has finished her meal, she always pops her head back places her hand on my shoulder and starts talking like we’re long-lost friends. Oh how she makes me laugh! She also makes this terrific squealing noise when she knows it’s time to eat and reaches both of her hands out grabbing for her bottle. She loves to eat but she is easily distractable…it can be frustrating. My mom told me I was the same way…so I guess this is payback? Ha!

And boy does she love music which makes this music loving mama’s heart swell. I swear she gets emotional in some songs too…her wee eyes well up as she sits quietly listening…finally someone will cry with me instead of sighing “Oh Tiffany” as I sob all over myself. We’ll be musically emotional together! ha!

She’s as friendly as she is shy and can never decide which she wants to be in the company of others…grinning, then quickly turning her head away with some lingering side eye…and lots of tears if mama is not holding her during these moments of conflict.

I can not begin to express how transfixed we are with her but I know you get it…and even though we are the most exhausted we have ever been…like we have to stare at everything for a long time before we can process what is happening exhausted…loving her is reacting with quiet laughter in the middle of the night as she’s having the greatest conversation with herself instead of frustration over our lack of sleep. It feels so good to love this unhindered.

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